39 Chapter 39

His eyes slowly regained their calmness, meanwhile his mind was thinking about the reasons why Ophis might have appeared in front of him.

'She wants to recruit me into her faction?'

'Is she interested in True Longinus?'

It was virtually impossible to know what Ophis was thinking, since her face was stoic with no sign of emotion evident.

'If she wants to fight, I'm likely to die with a single attack.'

His thoughts, were soon interrupted due to Ophis' next actions.

She slowly approached him, at the same time stretching out her small arm.

Akira was on alert as he watched Ophis' actions, he was ready to summon a teleportation magic in case she decided to attack him. He knew that it would be difficult to escape an attack from Ophis, but he would still try.

Fortunately the worst didn't happen and Ophis just touched his defined chest, her hands rubbing all over Akira's chest, as if she wanted to detect something in his body.

Azazel's eyes widened at the sight of Ophis' actions. He had never seen her act this way.

One should know that Ophis was a dragon that had lived for an infinite time, so her actions were really strange.

Even Akira was surprised by Ophis' actions.

His mind worked at pace to think of a reason why Ophis was touching him, but no matter how hard he thought, he couldn't figure out his reasons.

Ophis continued rubbing her hands on Akira, until finally she felt a bulge near his neck.


Her normally stoic eyes seemed to glaze over as she felt a familiar sensation coming from Akira's neck.

Akira sensing that Ophis' hand had stopped on the pokeball he was wearing as a necklace, seemed to have figured out why she was acting that way.

Even though he was not a Pokemon expert, he knew a few things about the pokeball, and one of the things he knew was that the pokeball was a quiet and peaceful place.

'So that's why...'

'But that still doesn't explain why she showed up here? Could it be that she detected some trace of the pokeball's 'emptiness'?'

Many thoughts went through Akira's head, unfortunately, he couldn't focus on any because Ophis' next action left him in disbelief.

Ophis stepped back a little, and in one of her hands she conjured what appeared to be one of the snakes she used to increase the power of her faction members.

"Let's switch."

Her stoic voice sounded as she showed the snake in her hand and pointed at the pokeball on Akira's neck.

Akira failed to react in time, making Ophis think that he was dissatisfied with the exchange.

Disappearing with the snake in her hand, she placed her two little hands on her chin looking thoughtful. And it didn't take long for her eyes to sparkle slightly as if she had thought of something that might make Akira interested.

Slowly she pointed one of her hands at Akira.

The moment she did this, a magic circle with the infinity symbol appeared around Akira before disappearing, as if it had never appeared.

Azazel at that moment almost fainted with shock at seeing this action of Ophis.

First, she showed a snake that Azazel knew could increase the power of whoever consumed it. And now, she personally bestowed her blessing on Akira.

At first Akira was startled to see Ophis' magic circle around his body, he thought she would attack him making him almost kneel down to beg her to spare him.

Fortunately, his thoughts were wrong, and she actually granted her blessing to him, causing him to fall into deep thought.

'She gave me her blessing, something only Issei and Vali had achieved...'

The changes after receiving Ophis' blessing did not seem visible to the naked eye, but Akira knew that this was only temporary and that as time passed the effects would be more visible.

Looking at Ophis, he noticed that she had her hand outstretched in his direction, as if she wanted Akira to keep her part of the bargain, even though he had made no deal with her.

Of course, he wouldn't say that he hadn't made any deal with her, after all his life was important and he wasn't in the mood to lose it.

"Do you really want this?" Akira said as he removed the necklace from his neck.

In his right hand was a pokeball.

Ophis' eyes sparkled as she saw the pokeball in Akira's hand.

Sensing the innocence coming from Ophis, Akira looked at the pokeball in his hand and then at the Infinity Dragon.

A thought crossed his mind.

And as he looked at the pokeball in his hand, that thought became stronger and stronger.

'What if I capture it?'

Once that crossed his mind, he couldn't think of anything else.

His heart that had been calm, suddenly sped up and even his breathing seemed to have become faster.

'She will kill me if I do this.'

Akira knew that what was in his hand was not a Master Ball, so the chances of Ophis not being captured by the pokeball were very high, besides, he still needed to check if it was possible to capture living beings other than pokemon.

'Damn it, I'll risk it!'

As he could not control his thoughts, Akira just decided to take a chance.

Looking at Ophis, he said in a low and strange voice, "This item in my hand, is something very precious and even your blessing cannot compare to it, but seeing that you are honest, I can let you live inside my item, but you will need to pay rent."

Ophis tilted her head in confusion upon hearing Akira's words, she could understand absolutely nothing he had said.

"Rent? What's that?" She asked.

Ophis' innocence made Akira feel bad, but that only lasted a few seconds, that was because the thought of having the strongest Dragon in the world as his companion was too strong, and it ended up overriding the thought of ill feeling as he deceived her.

"That means, you will need to help me every time I summon you, and your help will be something like, defeat other people, grant me more blessings, and teleport me to other places." Akira said with a mischievous smile that Ophis did not notice.

He continued, "The item in my hand is called a pokeball, and if you let me capture you with the pokeball, you will have a silent place all to yourself."

Akira used the word 'silent' to try to convince Ophis.

His words seemed to have come into effect, as Ophis nodded in agreement with Akira's terms. For someone like her, defeating other people was extremely easy.

Receiving Ophis' confirmation, a smile broke out on Akira's face.

'I can't believe I'm about to do this!'

Turning away from Ophis a little, he held the pokeball tightly as he pulled his hand back.

If any pokemon fans were on the scene, they would see that the pose Akira was striking was exactly the same pose Ash Ketchum used when capturing a new pokemon.


"Go, PokeBall!"


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