38 Chapter 38

Akira clenched his beautiful red eyes, seeing Vali again advancing against him.


With a snort, Akira spun his spear disappearing from where he was.

Vali began to sense his surroundings, and by the time he discovered Akira's position, it was too late.

Akira was above his head, with the spear pointed at his skull.

"Let's see, how you resist this."

Saying those words, he lowered his spear sharply, piercing the skull of Vali's transformation.


Vali's cry of pain was so loud that it made Akira go deaf for a few seconds, he never expected such a reaction just by piercing it.


'Damn, I forgot that even in his Juggernaut Drive, he's still a devil!'


With a crash Vali's huge body fell heavily to the ground.

His forbidden form slowly dissipated, only to reveal his pale face as he breathed heavily.

"Cough! Cough!"

Coughing up a few mouthfuls of blood, Vali barely managed to open his eyes, only to find Akira staring at him in the sky.

Even in a worse state than before, his eyes were still burning brightly, as if he still wanted to continue this battle.

"Vali, stop! You won't be able to beat him in his current state." Albion's voice sounded again.

Akira who was in the sky, saw Vali getting up again.

'Does he still want to keep fighting?'

His eyes had a glint of surprise, he never expected such determination from a person.

'Maybe that's the effect of him being one of the protagonist's friends in this world.'

Of course, he realized that Vali no longer had much demonic power in his body, and it is likely that the same one will not be able to use his Longinus.

"I must admit, you are strong, but..." Speaking up to this point, Akira landed on the ground as he slammed the handle of his spear into the ground.

"I will show the difference between us!"

A huge magic circle appeared at his feet the moment he finished his speech.

His spear began to glow intensely, while a sphere of light seemed to surround his body. This sphere seemed to contain the will of billions of people.

"O Spear. The true Holy Spear which pierces through God...."

Akira's voice was calm and peaceful, his red eyes seemed to contain a golden glow.

His white hair fluttered from the gale caused by his aura.

"What is he doing?!"

Vali felt a tremor deep in his soul as he saw Akira's actions.

Albion was silent for a few moments, before saying, "Vali, you need to run, this boy is about to use True Longinus' forbidden skill, that skill is strong enough to turn this place into dust!"

His voice seemed to contain a trace of nostalgia, it was like the time when God fought him and his rival.

Against Albion's expectations, Vali did not retreat, and just waited for Akira's final attack.

"I don't intend to run away, this man in front of me, fought against me and at no time thought of running away, I would be a coward if I did the same."

Like a battle maniac, he knew he couldn't run away.

His heart was racing at the prospect of seeing True Longinus' forbidden skill.

"You..." Albion did not finish his speech, and just sighed.

He decided to do his best to help Vali, besides, he had already fought the True God who created this spear, so maybe he could withstand this next attack.


Akira's demonic aura seemed to have completely disappeared, and all that remained was the sacred aura of True Longinus, which had covered his body.

"Suck the ambition of the King of Domination sleeping within me and pierce through the gap of blessing and destruction..."

His voice seemed to have embodied the power of a holy being, even his red eyes were replaced by a beautiful pair of golden eyes.

The person standing next to Azazel, seemed interested in Akira's actions.

Azazel who was standing next to him also couldn't take his eyes off Akira, he knew that the boy was about to use True Longinus' forbidden skill, Truth Idea.

This was the first time he had seen a devil wield True Longinus, and it was also the first time he would see this forbidden skill in action.

As a Sacred Gear enthusiast, he would like to see more of the True Longinus. After all, this was one of the more 'different' Longinus.


The person next to Azazel, looked around with stoic eyes.

Finding nothing, this person turned her gaze to Akira only to feel something she had been longing for for some time. Soon, her body disappeared from her position only to reappear in front of Akira who seemed not to have seen this person for at this moment he had his eyes closed.


"You. Announce the will, and turn into a glow!"

"Truth Idea!"

The moment he finished his chant, a huge flash covered the entire barrier that Azazel had created.

The flash was so strong that all the people present closed their eyes tightly, fearing they would go blind. The only exception was the person in front of Akira, who seemed unaffected by his ability.

In fact, the person in front of Akira, seemed to feel something coming from Akira's chest, causing her to stare intensely at him.

Soon, the flash dissipated and everything seemed to have returned to normal.

The craters that had been opened had disappeared, the exhaustion in Akira's body also seemed to have disappeared. The only exception to this, was Vali who still had a pale face.

"Hm? Did the skill fail?" Akira muttered.

As he opened his eyes, he spotted a person a few inches away staring at him with stoic eyes.


Before he could finish his speech, his eyes widened to the point where they almost popped out of their sockets.

He had recognized the person standing in front of him.

'How... Don't tell me Truth Idea brought this person to me?'


Akira remembered that Truth Idea, was based on the emotions of the host, and he knows that at that moment, he was thinking of showing infinite power, but he never expected that infinity itself would appear in front of him.

The person floating a few inches off the ground was precisely...

Ophis, the Infinite Dragon God


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