36 Chapter 36

Wiping the dirt on his clothes, Akira slowly flew off at the same height as Vali was.

"So... Will you two attack me at the same time, or will it be one at a time?" Akira asked in a sarcastic tone.

Azazel was surprised by the confidence in Akira's tone. It was as if the boy in front of him was sure that they both could not defeat him. And that only made him more curious about this young man's strength.

"Hmph! Only I am needed." Vali said coldly.

"I'm too old for such things, I'll let you youngsters solve your problems." Azazel said with a smile as he turned away to observe from a distance.

Seeing Azazel walking away, Akira let out a sigh of relief. He knew that Azazel was not someone easy to deal with.

"It seems you are alone in this case..."

Akira did not finish his speech, when he felt a strong wind on his face.

In an instant, Vali was in front of him launching a left jab close to his face.

Even though he was surprised by Vali's speed, Akira still managed to dodge the punch by leaning his body a little to the side while summoning a magic circle in Vali's stomach.


The explosion caused by the magic circle was so great that Vali had to retreat to his starting position while looking surprised at his armor that seemed to have taken some damage.


An uncomfortable feeling took over Vali's body, but he decided to ignore it.

Looking at Vali who had returned to his original position, Akira just stood there with his hands in his pockets.

'It seems that the increase wasn't just my demonic power that increased.'

Feeling the changes caused by the King's Piece, he realized why Ajuka had stopped producing.

If all devils had the King's Piece in their body, then it was possible to imagine the chaos the world would be in.

'That's interesting, someone at the same age as Vali was able to make him back down?' Azazel from a distance seemed more and more interested in Akira.

Back to Akira, he decided to take the offensive since Vali was still standing in the sky.

"Since you are not coming to me, then I will come to you."

Finishing his speech, his body disappeared from where it was, only to appear behind Vali, who due to being distracted was unable to react in time and had his body kicked by Akira.

Akira's kick hit him full in the ribs as it threw him into the distance.

'Damn it!'

Vali regaining his senses, steadied his body in the air while repairing his armor. He realized that every time Akira attacked him, he felt his soul tremble, and this could only be caused by natural devil enemies.

'What is this guy hiding?'

Shaking his head, he looked seriously at Akira.

The wings of his armor began to glow brightly as he built up a large amount of power in his body.

Suddenly, he launched himself towards Akira.

The surrounding air seemed to distort due to his speed, but this didn't seem to affect Akira who still kept his hands in his pockets.

In just an instant Vali was already in front of Akira, gathering his strength in his fist, he tried to punch Akira in the face, but unfortunately for him, Akira just raised his left knee and blocked his attack.

The moment Akira blocked Vali's punch, the surrounding air distorted even more strongly, even the ground seemed to crack due to the pressure, showing that the strength used by Vali was by no means weak.

Even though he had defended such an attack with his knee, Akira did not show the slightest sign of discomfort. Causing Vali to look at him in surprise.

"That's the first time I've met someone like that." Vali muttered, his eyes burning with battle thirst.

He was a battle maniac, so meeting someone like Akira was like his wishes had been fulfilled.

Without much thought, he decided to use all his strength to fight the man in front of him. It seemed that he no longer cared whether or not Akira could defend his blows with full force.

And so, he landed another blow on Akira, who continued just defending, as if it was nothing.




Several blows were exchanged at an incredible speed.

Azazel's eyes were almost popping out of his socket, he never expected to meet another maniac like Vali. And what made him even more surprised was that all of Vali's blows seemed to be blocked by Akira.



Even using the main skill of his Longinus, Vali had still not been able to successfully land any blows on Akira.

Akira feeling his demonic energy, being slowly divided in half by Vali's ability. He decided it was time to go on the offensive, so in addition to using his legs to defend himself, he also started attacking Vali.

And while the two were still fighting, Azazel at a distance was watching them with his hand on his goatee.

'Why do I sense a holy aura coming from this boy's body?'


Realizing they were at a stalemate, Akira quickly turned away from Vali, making the same one look at him in surprise.

"What? Are you tired already?" Vali asked in the same sarcastic tone Akira had used earlier.

"Vali be careful..." Albion's voice sounded in Vali's mind, causing him to go into a state of alertness, after all Albion usually didn't meddle in his fights.

Akira at a distance, decided to copy one of the techniques he had seen in one of his favorite anime from his past life.

He concentrated a huge amount of demonic energy in his legs, and in a burst of speed, he disappeared and reappeared behind Vali.

His speed was so explosive that neither Vali nor Azazel could react, this speed completely surpassed the power of an Ultimate Class devil.

Vali only felt the distorted air hit her face.

"I'm behind you."

Hearing Akira's calm voice, he quickly turned to attack him.

But that proved to be a very bad idea, for as he did so, he was met with a swift and powerful kick to the underside of his chin, causing him to be launched even higher into the sky.


Vali coughed up a mouthful of blood at the same time that a part of his armor was destroyed.

Akira did not stand still, he disappeared and reappeared above Vali who was still being launched into the air.

With a swift and powerful momentum, he kicked from top to bottom, like a huge sharp knife cutting through a sheet of paper.

This kick was directed at Vali's stomach, and the power of this kick was simply insane.

Vali, who received this kick, was thrown to the ground like a meteor crashing into the earth.

Blood gushed out of all of Vali's orifices, making the sight truly pitiful.


The thud of his body falling to the ground was enough to rouse Azazel from his thoughts, as he disappeared from his position and reappeared in the place where Vali was lying.

"Vali!!!" Azazel exclaimed as he ran to his rescue.


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