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Romansa Anak Muda
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Jeongyeon si bungsu dari keluarga Jung harus merasakan tertekan karena kedua orang tuanya membandingkan dirinya dengan sang kakak. Walaupun tidak dapat dielakkan bahwa sang kakak memang pantas untuk mendapatkannya. Namun dari hatinya ia ingin juga merasakan hal yang sama dengan kasih sayang yang sama tanpa dibeda-bedakan. Memiliki seorang sahabat yang dari kecil sudah bersamanya membuat sedikit merasa terbantu karena mempunyai tempat curhat. Selalu mengatakan hal apapun kepada sang teman termasuk tentang perasaannya terhadap seseorang yang ia sukai sejak lama. Cinta monyet itulah yang dipikirkan. Namun tampa disadari rasa itu terus berlayar sampai ia memasuki masa perkuliahan yang mana ia satu fakultas juga dengan sang Kating. Fakta mengejutkan ialah sang Kating merupakan kekasih sang kakak yang mana membuatnya terasa menyesakkan. Namun siapa sangka takdir berkata lain, hingga ia baru mengetahui sang pujaan hati telah menjadi mantan kakaknya. Tak kalah mengejutkan bahwa sang pujaan hati adalah investor bagi agensinya. Dan itulah kisah rasa Jeongyeon.

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[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT) A Cursed Prince, which everyone saw as the demon God. He was cursed to do many things he didn’t want to. He was a great warrior and was never in history defeated in battle. He was feared by many and he was seen as a threat to other kingdom. *** The Prince Lorcan was excellent in Fencing at a very small age. He came with the head of the chief Army each time he return from the battlefield. He made other kingdoms fear him, he had most kingdom in his control and this made the villagers saw him as a Wicked Prince. He killed whomever went against him without thinking twice. As a Princess from a The Great Kingdom Santok. She was seen as the doll of the family, she was dressed up in Elegant gown with Heavy Jewelries . She hardly stepped out of the house. She was really guarded in the palace. She was King Albert’s only Princess and she never left the walls of the Palace only on Occasions. She rejected Suitors because they were either too Proud or Greedy for her Father’s wealth. Most Princes from Far Nations came to seek for her hand in marriage just to take leadership as the next king. She didn’t want that, she wanted true love. The Kingdom of Santok was slowly falling apart, then he seeked help from King Reagan, and a condition was given to him stating that his Princess must marry his Son. This was a big deal for King Albert so he had no other choice than to accept just so that the Kingdom would retain their Pride. Now The Princess is forced to marry the Rumored Demon. How would she cope? Find out! ^ ^

Author_Seraphine · Fantasy
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混沌初开,天地生万灵。 鸿蒙之初,神鬼人混居。 神族与鬼族凭借天生灵根,前者升于九重天宫,后者独霸地底万丈,人界则剩下灵根不济的人族和智慧不足的兽族。 洪荒岁月之后,兽族灵根趋于强大,人兽不可共存之势越演愈烈。 人兽之战爆发,兽主陨落,兽族式微。 万年后,兽主残存于世间的灵识寻到宿主。自此,一个人族少女被带往众兽之中…… 十几年后,出自玄门翘首长白门的廉子衿外出游历,在狱法之山的榖树下捡到一只“小兽”…… 又五年后,长白门弟子青穀一鸣惊人、声震玄门…… 我们所求不过是安稳度日,为何却为你们所有人所不容?…… 又十三年后,万兽之主真正降于世间……我今后注定不会再有欢愉了,你们凭什么还能安稳地活着? 当青穀将所有的事情做完,将所有的责任卸下,想做的只有灵识散尽,和他一样长眠——师兄,你甘愿以灵换灵,却不知独活最为苦痛…… 散灵之际,却突然得知,那人的灵识并未散尽,而是归于神界…… 就像你过来寻我那样,现在,换我来寻你…… 莲雾:姑娘,我不认识你。 青穀:没关系,我认得你就行。 莲雾:看你并非神界之人,为何会出现在此? 青穀:我来寻我夫君,他丢下我跑了,我要把他追回来……

威亚 · General
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