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Becoming the Strongest through Idling


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A simple writing style with mc who absolutely wants to act as a mortal . good points - No grammar mistakes - system has potential Bad points - Mc is dum, giving his techniques for free - Mc giving demon meat for absolutely low price - Mc thinks he's cheating by using his system for cultivation that's why he take pity on others & give them everything for free - Mc absolutely loath cultivators so he doesn't interact with them . This is not my cup of tea .... tho if someone like it can give it a go...

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So far i like this, i hope there's no Harem. 👍


Overall, the web novel is a great read with an intriguing premise and an interesting world. The writing quality is excellent, with a smooth and engaging narrative that keeps the reader hooked from beginning to end. The story development is also impressive, with a well-crafted plot that keeps you guessing and leaves you eager for more. However, the main character of the novel is a significant flaw. While the MC has a unique background, his character design is flawed. The MC often makes decisions without considering the consequences, and his actions contradict his words, making him frustrating to follow. He claims to want a low-key life, but he frequently goes against that idea, making him an inconsistent character. Additionally, his use of the Idle Points System feels like cheating, as he doesn't have any real knowledge of cultivation and blindly follows the system's upgrades. This lack of understanding makes his character unrelatable and sometimes hard to root for. Despite these flaws, the world background of the novel is fascinating. The story is set in a world full of immortals, and the author has done a great job of building this world. The system in the novel is also unique and adds to the overall plot, making the story feel fresh and innovative. Overall, the web novel is a great read, with impressive writing quality, a well-crafted plot, and an intriguing world. While the main character has some flaws, the story is still worth reading for fans of the cultivation genre.


I wish I could rate this higher but the main character makes it nearly impossible to read like seriously if he didn't use the system for 11 days that's it he would improve rapidly but decides to buy stuff he doesn't need constantly especially lightning resistance just wait 11 days you have already waited 5 years


I can say that this is a good start. It's a good premise. However, the constant grammatical errors and issues in writing are very glaring. Words mixed up like "Have" and Has, "on" and "in", and a few more. It's small stuff but jarring when reading. I can't rate the updates highly because I haven't seen an update since I started reading. I would read more.


I love the story development and the ability of the main character


Very nice very nice! Hope this will continue!


I'm not a grammar freak so writing quality is OK. And excellent story at the start. If the author had taken some inspiration from Cultivation online, then I dare say this novel would have been awesome. But I lost interest for a lot of reasons. Mc is dumb, stupid, hypocritical, naive, wasteful. No world building. No goal for the MC No drama or suspense Unless the author wrote this book nonchalantly, then in my opinion he is a terrible writer. Jai! Another potentially good novel ruined at the authors hands. How sad


Great novel, but when is the next update?


I love this novel I most time I found novel like these they alway have something bad about them.


I like the story. it is to early to say anything about most of the rating categorys the story is avoiding most of my pet peves not grim dark no conflict for conflicts sake no killing for killings sake the MC isn't going murderhobo sadly the MC seems naive, but i expect that to change. while writing this i have read till chapter 38 (newest chapter)


this novel is good. I quiet like it. If your looking for something fun to read, this is it. MORE CHAPTER!! MORE CHAPTER!! MORE CHAPTER!! MORE CHAPTER!! MORE CHAPTER!! MORE CHAPTER!! MORE CHAPTER!! MORE CHAPTER!!


more pls


The start of this story is very promising!