1 Acquiring a System and Changing the Fate

Zhou Lin has been doing his usual routine. Going to Old Wang's barn and carrying a sack of rice to the designated location. It is the only work he can do that is safe.

Five years ago, he has transmigrated to the body of this boy. At first hoping to acquire a System and then become the strongest in this whole world. Though as time passes, his childish dreams faded and he only lives to get by his life.

He didn't want trouble. He have seen firsthand how brutal this world is.

This world is the world of cultivation, where immortals fly on this skies and many fantastical creatures roam the outskirts. It is a world of wonder and adventure.

Though it is only free to those who are strong. A mortal like him can't leave this city alone. He will simply die if he ever dares to.

This boy is even fortunate that he got transmigrated to this body. The family of the original Zhou Lin of this world was killed by an affronted cultivator. It seems like the father of this boy just spilled their food on that cultivator, and that cultivator loses face because they were together with their fellow sisters and brothers.

So in an act of revenge, he killed their whole family and relatives, and he is the only survivor due to transmigrating to this body.

The strong always tramples on the weak, and he have sworn to himself not to become the same as those people.

He only hopes that he acquires the power to protect himself. Some mortals here are also crooks who like to bully others. He would like it if he can at least protect himself from them.


Zhou Lin wakes up, and is just planning to stand up from his straw bed when he stops in surprise. His eyes locked up on the panel in front of his vision.

[Idle Points System integration complete... Welcome Host!]


Points: 0 (1/s) (+)

Physical Rank: Mortal (+)

Cultivation Rank: Mortal (+)

Spiritual Rank: Mortal (+)











His eyes bulges out in surprise at the sight, and when he saw his points increasing every second, he felt his heart pounding in excitement.

"System! It's my Golden Spoon!"

He felt like crying seeing this miraculous sight in front of his eyes. For so long, he have waited for this to happen. The package that comes along with transmigrating to another world.

He is just a person from the modern world. He can't possibly survive on a world where people can move the skies and split the oceans in half. That will be a tall order on someone like him.

"With this power, I can finally change my life for the better!" He declared from himself, before frowning. "Now, I just have to learn how to use this?"

Having decided that, he quickly goes to operating his system. Surprisingly, it is very easy. He can operate it within his mind.

'How convenient'

With those thoughts, he quickly tries to learn about everything in his system. He is curious about the "+" symbols, so he picks those mentally first.

[Insufficient Points. You need 1,000,000 Points to upgrade your Income!]

"That's too much!?"

He picks the "+" sign on the one besides the Points status. He felt that it will be impossible for him currently, so he decided to shelved that option for now.

Next, he picks the one indicating his Physical Rank.

[Upgrade to the next rank? This will cost 1 Points!] (Y/N)

He was rather ecstatic at that. He can immediately get those points back as his points accumulates by one every second.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

In excitement, he quickly picks the Y button. The changes is immediate as he felt his body becoming more taut, and stronger.


Points: 78 (1/s) (+)

Physical Rank: Lower Stage Body Tempering (+)

Cultivation Rank: Mortal (+)

Spiritual Rank: Mortal (+)

His eyes lit up at that. He didn't have any knowledge what those ranks meant as he didn't have the chance to learn it in this world. He can't even rely on his knowledge from his past life because those are only novels, and people in this world call some of the ranks differently.

The only thing he knows is that he becomes stronger. He will have to test that later. For now, he wanted to spend his points before he comes to work.

Normally, acquiring something like this will immediately cause someone to go on a journey to become more stronger, but he didn't feel like it. He have a power that automatically gives him points to strengthen himself. Just by that alone, he didn't have to go and seek trouble for himself.

He have already sworn not to be like those arrogant cultivators who kills those weaker than them just because of a slight mistake. He won't go into danger, and he won't trouble anyone.

Though that doesn't mean he won't dare fight. He didn't want to bow down to anyone just because they said so.

'With this power, I can protect myself and live a happy life. Anyone who dares mess with me, I will make sure that they will regret it!' He thought to himself with grim determination.

He has been living here for five years. He knows that he can't just hope for the best that none will mess with him. He will fight them, and if they are still persistent, he will kill them.

That is what he swore to his heart as he looks at the panel of his system.

After thinking about that, he immediately prepares to strengthening himself. He wanted to spend all of his points until the time he have to go to work.

With that, he takes a seat while immersing himself at the feeling of power that is flowing through his body each time he uses his points to strengthen himself.

'I want to learn more about this ability!' He thought with his heart pounding in excitement.

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