Becoming the strongest in the shinobi world

Chad was a normal yakuza who like to watch anime in his free time, he was killed by his mission target and reincarnated in naruto in the hidden ............. Village and through his efforts he rises to become a kage but will that level of power be enough for someone who knows what is to come will he leave is fate in the hands of naruto and sasuke

DarknessAuthor · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
149 Chs


Alright, seeing that the coming chapters are the chunin exams and Ren's action the main focus would be on the students with Ren having just brief appearances until he starts carrying out his plan.

But it seems as though most readers don't really like it when his students are the main focus and seeing that most of the chunin exams won't have much to push forward the story I don't mind just writing the important parts and focusing on Ren, but I also don't mind going into deep detail about the chunin exams so since I can't decide let's have a vote.

1. focus deeply on the chunin exams and Ren

2. focus on Ren and only mention the important parts of the chunin exams.

Just comment on the option of your choice and the one with the most votes will be the route I take.