0079 The bigger the fuss, the better the show will be_1

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Compared to the battling with haters on live broadcasts, everyone seemed much more harmonious in reality.

Seeing Ellen Young, they truly found her beautiful.

Ellen Young blinked her eyes, and even pursed her lips into a faint smile.

That girl became so excited she couldn't contain herself, "Beautiful, beautiful!!"

When Lucy Wood arrived, she saw someone complimenting her and immediately responded with a proud smile, "My sister is definitely beautiful."

Her approachability instantly caused a wave of laughter.

The girl who had spoken earlier was now even more thrilled.

After checking their tickets and entering, there was inevitably another commotion, but thankfully the aquarium was quite spacious. Today wasn't a significant holiday, so the crowd wasn't dense, and once everyone spread out into the different venues, there were only so many people left.

There was still a group that kept following Lucy Wood and her group, clicking away with their cameras.