126 You Don’t Have Me in Your heart

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Qiao Jinniang rarely used charcoal fire in Lin'an. After all, there were only a few days when it was really cold, and charcoal fire was easy to get people poisoned, so most people didn't use it.

She hadn't thought of this.

"Can't we buy it even if you have money?" Qiao Jinniang asked.

Hongling nodded and said, "There was a cold disaster in Chang'an in the early years, and the price of charcoal fire skyrocketed. Many people didn't even have firewood for the winter, and many people froze to death. Seeing this, the imperial court immediately regulated the sale of charcoal fire.

"The best Silver Filament Charcoal can only be distributed by the imperial palace to officials.

"Ordinary charcoal can only be purchased from places specified by the court. Although it is also divided into upper, middle and lower grades, it's not as good as Silver Filament Charcoal."


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