113 Chrysanthemum Tofu

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The people who were laughing at Qiao Jinniang were embarrassed when they saw Qiao Jinniang coming.

Someone said sarcastically, "Miss Qiao, you're really kind-hearted. It's unprecedented in Chang'an for a noble girl to hold a funeral for her father's concubine!"

A general's daughter came out and said, "Qiao Jinniang, didn't you claim that your future husband is not allowed to take a concubine?

"But why are you holding a funeral for a concubine? Don't blame us for laughing at you. No family will hold a funeral for a concubine who was out of favor in Chang'an!"

Qiao Ruoyi who was wearing a pure-white mourning dress came over and said with red eyes, "I begged my sister to hold the funeral."

Qiao Jinniang glanced at the women and said, "I heard that when Duke Qin's favored concubine passed away, mistresses of noble families all came to offer condolences, and what you emphasized is just the word "out of favor".


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