32 Chapter 32: Ninety Degree f*ck [R-18+]

In turn, the row of voyeurs snapping photos of this lurid scene seem utterly unbothered by the fact you've waltzed into the photo they were taking and quite literally ruined it all with your dick.

They continue to snap photos and catch different angles, and Power Girl in turn smiles at the cameras like nothing is happening, like it's all according to plan.

It just happens now, it seems; the world has grown to accept my perversions and turned them into just a fact of life.

These photographers don't seem to be acting like they're recording a woman getting tit fucked in public, but like they're just snapping photos of a cosplayer who looks great and sexy in her costume.

It's a casual sense of openness that makes it all the more satisfying to keep thrusting into her tits, keep fucking her pillow cleavage to my heart's content, unable to slow down the mad thrusting that has my cock throbbing in ecstasy.


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