26 Chapter 26: Yoga Class [1]

I started moaning in pleasure as I told Elizabeth, "That's your reward for being such a good cocksucker." I was delighted by the feeling that followed and tingled its way up my very spine, delighted by the sensations working their way through me. 

"That's a very good reward for you, isn't it, good cocksucker, or should I say Elizabeth?" I said, and she nodded.

Even if it is a good push, it is still not enough for me; I want more.

To my relief, Elizabeth has not stopped sucking and is conscientiously carrying out her duties, which allows me to kick back and relax.

She merely pauses long enough for me to shove something into her mouth, and then I press on her once more, and she goes back to performing her tasks.

I remove the cucumber slices from my eyes one by one; as beneficial as relaxation and numbness are, I kind of want to see the dark-haired woman persistently sucking my cock. I remove the cucumber slices one by one.


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