258 Chapter 258: Soft Thighjob! [R-18+]

Power stone guys☺️☺️☺️


Now I have to feel her all… I ceremoniously remove her hand which were on her pussy and I stand back to see her, suppressing the urge to start kissing her again and licking my way downward to her delicious boobs.

Now as we were both naked. I embrace her, reaching for her pussy, I part her legs some and I slide my middle finger between them, feeling her dripping pussy at last! I wet my finger in her juices and bring it to her mouth.

"Delicious, isnt Ellie," I say and her blush once more agin appear on her face.

I return my finger down there, her bare pussy driving me beyond my limits and I start caressing her clit and inserting my finger inside her pussy.

I feel her pussy, then stroking my cock harder and harder in her thighs while I finger her. I lower my head and take a nipple in my mouth and I feel her body tremble.


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