20 Chapter 20: The Presentation [2] [R-18+]

It's the best of way of releasing the searing, worries and frustrations I ruled by to replace them all with the vulgar, indulgent thrill of fucking her until she breaks.

And break she does. Caren's attempts to speak break off even more; she can't control herself, can't do anything but gasp in agony as everyone shakes their heads toward her, as if her failure to handle the situation is a mark of failure on her part.

It's an insane note to add to this whole messed up situation, but the worst isn't even yet to come.

Not until I'm finished with her, until I left her ass fucked absolutely raw.

I keep slapping and tugging, thrusting madly away and savouring the chance to give her the absolute most intense fucking she's ever had and likely ever will have, all before finally I bury my cock inside of her with one final stroke and give in to it all in her.

I pump Caren's ass full of cum, a final mark of mine conquering of this whole shit heap as I groan, and keeping my cock buried inside of her and finally turning my attention toward the rest of the room.

Everyone looking at both of us like everything is normal in front of them, there's nothing out of usual and a very important presentation is playing in front of them and everyone seems to focus on the presentation that I'm presenting to them like a very important thing.

"And that concludes my presentation," I said to everyone, panting heavily, smiling at my own joke.

"And now, my terms. I have given years of shit to this company and never once been treated with respect for it. I've had to deal with a new boss coming in and giving me this 'maximize your synergy to optimize your productivity matrix' bullshit, and I've had enough of it. You're going to give me a new position. I want to make ten times as much as I'm making right now, and come in for work whenever I please. And that'll just be to facefuck the hot women around the office that I'm going to miss when I'm off doing whatever the fuck else I want away from this pile of shit."

Everyone looked around at each other for a moment, slowly shifting their gaze toward the old man at the head of the table, who shrugged his shoulders.

"Yes, of course," he said, as if it were obvious."

"And a check of one million dollars made out to me by the time this day is done."

"I wouldn't give you anything less," he said with a shrug.

The old man seemed just as susceptible to suggestion as anyone else did, and the whole room seemed to be content with my terms and my big fuck insane treatment.

So finally, I pull out dick of Caren, giving her butt a slap and groaning in delight.

I won. Hahaha hah.....I actually won. I've fucked my office crush, I've fucked my coffee shop crush, and then fucked our bitchy boss in front of everyone before demanding and getting free money for nothing.

It sounds too insane to believe, but I don't even care now. I give Caren's ass another swat for good measure and tuck my cock away, walking out of the board room feeling like a fucking king.

The day isn't even out yet and I have already enjoyed such an insane victory that the idea of a future ruling this world and getting whatever I want sounds like far more than I should be allowed to have, but I'm going to ride this high out to the furthest to the furthest extent I can.

Caren's wasted ass hole is only the first pit stop on my way to seeing how far I can take this, and considering the terms I just 'negotiated', I just can't fucking wait to see what of those end up being.


My first day as the 'Synergy Optimization Manager' is, unsurprisingly, a day I'm spending out of the office.

The world is my oyster now, and I don't want to be shackled any longer to the job I hate, which I have finally overcome and defeated through weird magic I don't fully understand, and now I'm the very lucratively employed "Synergy Optimization Manager".

They are paying me a lot of money to do nothing now, ten times more an already pretty good salary puts my yearly into the high six figures, and with a fat million dollar seed fund I know that I'm going to be set for a long time to come.

But for a company that rakes in half a billion in raw profit every quarter, it's hardly a drop in the bucket for the company.

Instead of caring about any of that, I go to a day in spa for to have some fun and relaxation.

Mind and Body Spa is the one I've heard in the office many times from David talks about before as seemingly being staffed by nothing but only the attractive women, which is exactly the kind of place I want to be in right now.

Christine texted me earlier saying she was cooking up a little something special for me and not to think too much about it.

So, I'm free to head to the most expensive spa in the city and have some fun with myself, loaded with enough money to enjoy a day of luxury and relaxation the likes of which I have never known before.

No.. If I have to say honestly I have never even dreamed of something like this before.

Even with the world bending to my every whim and my ongoing lust, there's so much stress in me, and what better way to get rid of it all than to have some beautiful women work it out of my shoulders?

I walk into the lavish building, my nose immediately hit by the sweet scent of lavender and massage oils, and I already feel at peace just being here.

And that's before seeing the cute, perky receptionist happily greeting me, with her blonde hair tied back into a tight ponytail.

"Welcome to Mind and Body Spa, sir," she says happily, as I tread toward her, not sure if or what I'm going to do.

She's cute, though, and with the wicked power which is in my hands it's hard to really deny myself from the indulgence as I lean over the desk.


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