19 Chapter 19: The Presentation [1] [R-18+]

Christine is a pro, and she could throat my dick all day long if she wanted to, while Caren is quickly reduced to a choking, drooling mess, red in the face and clearly out of her element.

But I didn't show her any mercy. She doesn't deserve that at this point. She's been a pain in my ass for two weeks and I'm just happy to be able to rough her up and give her my worst.

And here it is, reducing her to a drooling mess at her desk, calling her a whore and debasing her while she seems completely unaware anything's even happening.

It's all just normal to Caren as she takes me down, stopping for nothing until I finally can't take it anymore; verbally degrading and facefucking my boss is taking a very real toll on me, and I have to just lose myself.

I pull Caren back with a single harsh tug and blow my load all over her face, and it is the single most satisfying facial expression I have ever given somebody.

Because Caren has been asking for it so much and I can feel the raw excitement overwhelm me as I take blast her face with my load.

A big, messy load leaves her face dripping with spunk. "Cum looks good on you, you should wear it more often," I tease her, and put my dick back into her mouth.

She suckles on the tip of my cock for a little bit as I just sit in place and enjoy the every moment.

When I finally withdraw my cock from her mouth, it's only because it's meeting time.

"Let's get going," I say with a wry smile.


The board of directors meeting is about as soulless a place as there is; it's a room full of men and women in suits, all waiting to be told how well the company is doing and to find out how much they can take as overly inflated executive pay bonuses for the quarter, really on the backs of the work people like I'm doing.

It's a boring meeting I'm glad I've never had to sit in on, but at least I bring something interesting to the table as I stand behind Caren.

Who still wears my cum on her face, her top unbuttoned and opened, her bare, plump breasts held tight in my hands as I knead them steadily, feeling her up without hesitation right in front of all the executives and important figures in the company.

It's a shameless and mutinous approach to showing off my dominance over her.

But nobody seems to care. All is according to plan, of course, but the entire room remains utterly unmoved by my display of breast gropery, seeming mostly bored as Caren talks through the numbers and runs through the slides she's prepared.

It's all just such a painfully slow and boring process, but it has a few good things going for it as she prattles on namely the rubbing of my cock against the outline of her ass through her skirt.

I have plans for this and they've almost reached their peak.

"That concludes my presentation," Caren says after running through far too much information padded out with far too much self-aggrandizing credit stealing, but it's all worth it now, as I grab hold of her hair and suddenly bend her over the table.

"But the beginning of my presentation!" I shout, tugging her skirt up and pulling her panties down.

I didn't hesitate to jam my cock up her ass with a single stroke, and she screams in surprise as I claim her, because this time, I'm not going to be the least bit gentle with her.

There's no time for gentle, just for rough. Just for the most intense pain, I've ever given anyone.

"Everyone lean back and watch as I fuck this bitchy whore right in front of you all. I'm going to tear her ass open with my big cock and leave her stumbling as she tries to walk away with a leaking gape!"

My thrusts are absolutely savage. I don't show Caren any shred of dignity anymore, and I finally stop taking the easy road in everything and lazily accepting the pleasure.

No, I want to put my all into this; if I end up a panting mess at the end of it, it will be worth it simply for the chance to give Caren the most thorough brutalizing humiliation I can muster.

In front of a room full of my bosses, I have no hope of giving anything but my most savage to her behind, and nothing is going to stop me now.

"As you can see, the numbers tell a picture of--ah, of success and--and fuck, it hurts!" She's trying and failing to keep her composure, speaking through the roughing up of her ass with more intensity than she's built for.

She continues to stumble all over her words and talk about success and the company's growth, how this quarter will only be the beginning of a prosperous step in the right direction.

She's just barely removed from the laughable buzz words like 'synergy' that would give her the most inauthentic air imaginable.

"Listen to her getting her ass fucking torn apart. She's finally speaking with real emotion!" I slap her ass hard and tug back on her hair, really only because you can.

"Sure, the emotion is that she's getting her ass reamed so hard that she can hardly think straight, but at least we know she's got some authenticity to her." I make sure to use my grip on her head to show her slutty face off to everyone.

The struggle and agony on her cum-painted face is a badge of pride to me, even if they won't be able to process what it means in practice.

It's the most fucked up situation but it feels so good that I don't even care if they won't recognize my domination.

It's catharsis in the best of ways, searing away the worries and frustrations I ruled by to replace them all with the vulgar, indulgent thrill of fucking her until she breaks.


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