16 Chapter 16: Tierra [2] [R-18+]

"Finally, using your powers like a real man," Christine teases, throwing one leg up over the table as she starts to touch herself again, seemingly as content as can be Whatever Christine's whole 'deal' is makes a lot more sense if you assume that it's all somehow tied to a huge voyeurism kink, and indeed the way she's fingerfucking herself right there in the cafe certainly screamed of it pretty hard.

But that's fine; she can get off to me dominating two perky redheads any day.

Tierra isn't too difficult to lift up and down on my cock as I fuck her quite proudly and openly right there in the middle of everything, guiding her up and down on my dick like it's just a normal day.

Nobody seems to care, everyone going about their lunch experience none the wiser, just sipping at their coffees and typing away on their laptops.

One of the other baristas calls, "Don't take too long! We're almost at the lunch rush and we'll need you!"

"I'll be there soon!" Tierra shouts back, a moan rumbling in her throat even as she plays it off quite calmly, just because the steady fucking of her ass isn't so easy to ignore.

The pleasure is there, and plain to see, her pussy slick with need as the delight of having her ass stuffed and fucked gets to her.

It's a damn shame nobody cares to pay any attention though, to notice that the hot redhead is soaking wet from being impaled on my big cock.

And yet the lack of ego trip is somehow only making it hotter? I'm fucking the pretty barista right there in front of everyone and it's just a thing, like I'm pounding a hot woman who doesn't even deserve a sideways look.

It's a good thing to feel, I rationalize. Just as good as a redhead's tight ass hole stretched out around my cock.

As I guide Tierra up and down, Rose remains down on her knees, dutifully sucking on my balls as she puts her mouth to work.

It's such an amazing feeling to be able to have both of them working me over at once; Jemma and Rachel together just kind of happened, but this right here?

This is a fucking dream. I groan and grunt, making it harder to Tierra's ass, and through it, all Rose devotedly continues to worship my sac.

Everything I feel is pure, smoldering delight, and I take it out on Tierra's behind with eagerness, giving her cute butt the rough fucking it's always needed.

Not so rough she's a screaming mess in pain, of course, but definitely enough to leave my mark on her, to make sure she's fucked loose and left with a creamy pie to remind her I've been there.

"Rose, what can I get you when I'm done here? Are you going to order to take out?" Tierra is taking Rose's fucking order!

Oh, this is the life, and her utter nonchalance only makes me want to fuck her ass harder and even more harder, guiding her quicker up and down on my cock, but I'm surprised by just how light she feels.

Am I stronger now? It wouldn't be the weirdest part of this all so why the fuck not?

Sure, I can effortlessly lift a grown adult woman now and give her the rough standing ass fuck I've always dreamt of.

Not the weirdest part of today by far.

Between long drags of her tongue lovingly caressing my ball sac, Rose answers the question, eagerly unaffected by what her mouth is doing as she speaks around the situation.

"I'll have the usual, and yeah, I think it will be to go. It's a busy day." The sounds of her words being broken up by heavy breaths were completely at odds with her casual tone, to say nothing of the ensuing slurping sounds she makes as she keeps my balls tended to, pushing it all to a level of hot that I don't know what to do with.

But it all extends far past the mere idea of her just moaning about how much she loves my balls; there's a relaxed and casual feel to it all that elevates what Rose is doing to new heights of sluttiness, but without anyone seeming to realize just how slutty it all is.

It's a paradox, but a fucking hot one.

With Tierra's ass snug around my cock and Rose's tongue so happily caressing my balls from all sides that I'm absolutely lit up with need and excitement.

I didn't last too long, but that's fine, with my suddenly endless seeming stamina and constantly huge loads, cumming quickly doesn't seem like too much of a problem, and with so many beautiful women in the world to fuck, I have to find the time to get to all of them somehow, don't I?

So I just embrace the pleasure rushing through me as I pull back from Rose's lips and shove Tierra down onto a nearby table, a table where a woman who I think works a few floors above on where I work, sits and eats.

The table rattles, silverware shakes, and the tea spills as I ream Tierra's ass hard enough over it to make everything creak and buck.

But the woman whose name I don't even know seems completely unaffected by it, texting someone on her phone and ignoring the raw sex happening before her own eyes.

Even as Tierra howls in sudden excitement at the pleasure hitting her so hard.

She tries to play it off casually, but the pleasure is nagging away at her, and as I sheath away my cock into her tight back door with one final stroke she's cumming, hips bucking as she whines and her voice twists eagerly around a mad swell of excitement made all the better by my cock erupting and pumping her ass full of creamy, hot spunk.

I creampie Tierra's ass like it's my fucking duty, and then slowly pull back with a satisfied groan.

"Top notch customer service," I joke as I tuck my cock away. "I'll see you back at the office a bit later, Rose."


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