9 Chapter 009- Special Mission

In the Hokage Office-

Sarutobi is talking to his Anbu commander right now.

"Hikigaya, are you really sure there is no more traitor left in the Anbu?" Sarutobi asked.

"I can't say surely about the lower level anbus. But the mid and upper level anbus are all loyal. I have personally tested them with the help of someone from the Yamanaka clan. So, there's nothing to worry about." The Anbu commander said with certainty.

The Anbu commander is from Senju clan and he has early stage of Kage level strength.

"Then prepare some mid and upper level anbus for a special mission which will take place in a few days."

"Yes, Hokage-sama. But can I know what is this special mission?"

"No problem. It's about a spatial crack that I found a few a years ago while wandering around the Konoha. The spatial crack is a door shaped and it is very stable. I tried to went inside and was shocked to find out that it lets me travel to a totally different world."

"This time our mission will be to investigate that world and create a stronghold there if possible." Sarutobi said while hiding some of the details. Even though he trusts the anbu commander, he doesn't want to reveal everything to him.

"Go nad call the clan leader Nara to my office. He will be going with us in this mission as well."

"Yes, Hokage-Sama." Even though Hikigaya Senju was quite sceptical about there being another world, he chooses to believe in Sarutobi and decided not to question anything further.


"So, that's how it is, Nara-san. I want you gather the chunins and jonins that are trustable. Also, make sure not to let others know that I will be going in this mission as well." Clan leader Nara is someone who Sarutobi can trust.

So, Sarutobi clearly told him the specifics about the missions without any hesitation and also gave him an important task of gathering the loyal ninjas.

"I understand, Hokage -Sama. But even if I don't tell anyone, everyone will know once you go missing for a few days."

"You don't have to worry about that. I will leave a shadow clone behind. Also, I talked to Naori-chan, she will always remain close to my shadow clone in order to not let any kind of unexpected situation arise." Sarutobi said.

"Then I can rest assured." Clan leader Nara let out a sigh of relief as he went out to gather the loyal jonin and chunins who will be joining in this special mission.

Besides the loyal anbus, jonins and chunins, Sarutobi also decided to take three of his students as well. Sarutobi wanted to take Naori as well but that would leave his shadow clone vulnerable.

When he told this to Naori Uchiha, she volunteered to stay behind without any hesitation. Sarutobi didn't force her to go either as he can just make her go there after he manages to build a stronghold there. That would be more safer.

And about letting other ninja guard Sarutobi's shadow clone, he can't do that. First of all, Naori Uchiha is the most trusted person under him right now. Secondly, even if a lets another loyal Kage level ninja guard him 24/7, it would create more suspicion. But on Naori's case, since she is Sarutobi's wife, nobody would read much into this.

The reason for leaving Naori behind isn't because he is afraid of some of the clans in Konoha rioting against him since almost all of the powerful clans have already submitted to him. Even the Uchiha clan has let go of their hatred for him.

But his worries are other villages. If someone accidentally kills his shadow clone, they would most likely know about his absence from the village and that would surely start another ninja war. Even though Sarutobi could come back quickly to control the village again, it would be far too late to stop the war from beginning.

Sarutobi doesn't want another ninja war unless he is fully sure that his strength can subdue the other four villages. Otherwise, the war would only be a waste of time and manpower for him as the most he could get out of the war would be their surrender and some compensation.


Sarutobi is now standing behind the Hokage rocks. He is digging a cave there using some earth style ninjutsus. After he finished digging the cave, he used fuinjutsu to hide the whole cave. He then used the door shaped artifact that he got from Aalia.

He placed that door shaped object inside the cave and confirmed the location to be the 'One piece' world. After getting the confirmation, the door shape object started to become larger and larger as it finally stopped after getting 20 fit long.

'Fortunately, I decided to make the cave bigger while creating it. Otherwise, it would have caused a big disturbing.' Sarutobi thought.

'Should I go in right now or not?' Sarutobi hesitated for a while whether to go to other side alone to check it out or not. Even though, he was sure that it will lead him to the One-piece world, he isn't sure about the exact place.

The connecting point to the One piece is random, it could be somewhere safe like the east blue or it could be somewhere dangerous like the new world.

'I shouldn't take any risk unnecessarily. If I encounter some top powerhouse of that world, it would be troublesome. If it is one on one, I have the confidence to escape but winning is impossible with my current strength. In case, few of them surrounds me, I would just die in vain.'

'Not to mention, with my defensive power now, it is uncertain whether I could even survive even one blow from someone like Whitebeard. If I had super Kage level strength like Madara and Hashirama, I wouldn't have to worry that much.' Sarutobi sighed at his lack of strength as he swore to get stronger quickly.


There was still a week before going to the 'One piece' world. So, in this time, Sarutobi met all of the loyal people that will be staying behind in this world. He specially met with the clan leaders to make sure that they would be able to respond immediately if some unforeseen situation occurs.

He also left the Hiraishin mark all over the Konoha village so that he would be able to quickly reach to any place in Konoha in case of emergency after passing through the dimensional gate.

One important point is that Sarutobi did a lot of research in the past year regarding Hiraishin. With the talent he got from Tobirama plus his own talent, he finally managed to reach the level of Minato Namikaze in the use of Hiraishin in the last week.

Most importantly, he can feel that he would be able to further improve this jutsu as long as he carries on with the researches. Besides the Hirashin, Sarutobi has been focusing on one other jutsu named Edo Tensei jutsu.

Sarutobi is trying to perfect that jutsu so that he would be able to not only summon the dead with their original strength but also make them live like a normal person. Even though, he is far from reaching that stage, Sarutobi is confident that he would be able to perfect this jutsu one day.

'Choosing Tobirama was the most correct decision I have made that day. Even though I could have gained more powerful strength by choosing some otsutsuki but then I would have never been able to create this kind of broken jutsus.'

Sarutobi doesn't regeret one bit about choosing Tobirama because only after getting Tobirama's mind he truly understands what kind of broken character he was. Even though Sarutobi is far from the strength of a Otsutsuki right now, he is sure that he would be able find a way to even surpass them as long as he manages to be successful in all of the researchers that he planned.

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