18 The Beginning of the Scandal: 18

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Yu Sitian walked onto the red carpet and waved at everyone with a bright smile.

The reporters were also very supportive of her and gave her enthusiastic cheers.

"Look over here!"

"Sitian, here! Smile!"


Although Zhou Yun had also received enthusiastic cheers from the reporters just now, the difference could be seen with a comparison.

The reporters were even more convinced by Yu Sitian.

This was because in the eyes of the reporters, Yu Sitian and Zhou Yun were different. Yu Sitian was a new actress with works, while Zhou Yun was a female celebrity who rose to fame through scandals.

Although in a sense, popularity and traffic were also reporters' rice bowls, their professional ideals and morals would still affect them, where they would do positive things within their own capabilities.

For example, protecting a new actress like Yu Sitian.

Zhou Yun straightened her back. No matter what she was thinking, she had to do her best perfunctory work.

She had to control her image and temperament well, and her expression management had to be in place.

She maintained her smile as Yu Sitian walked over and sat down beside her.

Under everyone's gaze, the two of them smiled at each other tacitly.

"How shameless." Yu Sitian smiled and said the most ruthless words in the gentlest tone.

Zhou Yun looked at her in surprise and asked softly, "Did I offend you in any way?"

"Hmph, are you still asking the obvious?" Yu Sitian said. "I've seen many women like you. After knowing that Brother Song Chi was staying in a hotel, you specially went over and took the initiative to contact the paparazzi to secretly take photos. You created scandals and became popular. Then, you pretended to be innocent and released a clarification statement, as if you were the victim. You're so disgusting."

Zhou Yun was stunned.

The doubts that she could not figure out actually stemmed from the inexplicable scandal the day before yesterday. Obviously, Yu Sitian even treated that incident as a self-directed hype.

However, Zhou Yun did not defend herself. Instead, she smiled sweetly and asked calmly, "Do you like Song Chi?"

Yu Sitian's cheeks and ears instantly turned red.

Her eyes were a little flustered and she denied it. "What nonsense are you spouting? I'm just feeling indignant for Brother Song Chi. He met a woman as scheming as you and was innocently splashed with mud."

"Miss Sitian, you have to have evidence when you speak."

"Hehe." Yu Sitian sneered in disdain.

"If you continue to sneer, you'll be the one to issue a clarification statement," Zhou Yun reminded her.

Yu Sitian's expression froze. She hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she composed herself and smiled again.

"There's nothing between me and Song Chi. Yet, you made yourself sound so justified. Unless you like Song Chi and are biased, what you said just now will make me feel that you're an extremely stupid person." Zhou Yun continued softly, "Even if you like Song Chi, it's not a reason for you to slander and attack me. If I'm the one who directed and acted in this matter, do you think your Brother Song Chi won't cause trouble for me?"

Yu Sitian argued, "That's because Brother Song Chi is very kind and won't argue with you!"

"Hah." Zhou Yun laughed contemptuously.

She really wanted Yu Sitian to see Luo Yuhu's face with her own eyes.

Was that kindness?

However, forget it. It was obvious that Yu Sitian was in love and probably wouldn't be able to come out for a while.

Perhaps, even Song Chi's farts smelled good to her.

At this moment, the media erupted with the liveliest commotion.

The moment she heard it, she knew that it was Song Chi.

From afar, Song Chi was dressed in a black suit. He didn't look like he was attending the opening ceremony of a brand store, but an award ceremony.

However, he was indeed very handsome. Every move he made was young and filled with confidence.

Yu Sitian's eyes instantly drifted over, and her gaze was fixed.

Zhou Yun saw it and found it funny.

Yu Sitian's behavior was too obvious. It made people feel that she was simple and sincere, like a student.

Only students were so innocent. If they liked him, they liked him.

Zhou Yun saw her past self in Yu Sitian. She suddenly felt nostalgic and felt more understanding.

The little bit of annoyance and dissatisfaction in Zhou Yun's heart vanished like smoke.

Song Chi sat down with three people between him and Zhou Yun.

Zhou Yun also knew that she should avoid arousing suspicion at this time. In order to prevent those photos of "loving gazes" from appearing online, Zhou Yun's eyes did not even glance at Song Chi.

When it was time to cut the ribbon together, the brand representative insisted on pulling Zhou Yun to the middle to stand shoulder to shoulder with Song Chi. Zhou Yun knew what they were thinking. She subconsciously glanced at Song Chi.

Song Chi's expression was calm, as if what happened here had nothing to do with him.

Zhou Yun could not refuse and was arranged to stand in the middle with Song Chi.

The camera flashes rose like a dense shuffling sound.

Zhou Yun maintained her smile and maintained a half-body distance from Song Chi without batting an eyelid.

After this work ended, they prepared to leave.

Zhou Yun changed her clothes and came out of the waiting room with Zhou Lan, preparing to rush to the next job. However, when she passed by Song Chi's waiting room, she saw Yu Sitian standing at the door that had never been closed. She was talking to Song Chi with longing and reservations.

There was a smile on Song Chi's face, warm and gentle.

Zhou Yun took a look, but Luo Yuhu noticed it and glared at her fiercely.

Luo Yuhu went forward and closed the door.


Zhou Yun heard Luo Yuhu mutter this word in a low voice.

She only smiled casually, as if she didn't care. However, only she knew if she really didn't care.

After getting into the car, Zhou Lan suddenly turned around.

"You're trending."

Zhou Yun asked, "With Song Chi again?"\

"Yes." Zhou Lan nodded. "This trending came out of nowhere. The brand must have bought it."

Zhou Yun turned on her phone and saw that the trending topic this time was simple and crude: Song Chi and Zhou Yun were in the same frame for the first time since the scandal.

It was not fake news, but it made people's imagination run wild.

She clicked on it and the first thing she saw was the Weibo post from the brand.

There were more than ten photos of the scene. Among them, there were three photos of Song Chi alone, including a group photo. There were a total of four photos.

Zhou Yun clicked on these pictures and looked at them one by one.

First, it was Song Chi, and then it was her. She had two solo photos. One was of her raising her wrist to reveal the bracelet, and the other was of her looking sideways at the camera, her earrings gently swinging in a beautiful arc.

After that, everyone only had one photo each.

In terms of seniority and status, Zhou Yun should not have enjoyed such treatment.

Zhou Yun felt that there was such an exception, because on one hand, it was for Song Chi's popularity. On the other hand, it might be because the brand was grateful to her for cooperating with them to change the order of appearance.

"What are you looking at?" Zhou Lan asked, "Are you looking at the comments?"

"Comments? What comments?" Zhou Yun couldn't react in time.

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