13 The Beginning of the Scandal: 13

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"Sister Lan, I wasn't having a nightmare."

As soon as they came out of the surveillance room, Zhou Yun said to Zhou Lan.

She looked at Zhou Lan very seriously and said, "Sister Lan, you have to believe me. I can tell whether it was a nightmare or not. Even if the rustling sound was a nightmare, I really heard the voice of the person at the door. It's not an illusion. I've never hallucinated before."

Zhou Lan patted Zhou Yun's shoulder comfortingly and said, "I believe you. The hotel might have kept this a secret to avoid trouble."

"They must be lying," Zhou Yun said firmly.

Zhou Lan said, "How about I sleep with you tonight? We will go back tomorrow."

Zhou Yun understood what Zhou Lan meant.

She would leave tomorrow and she was not physically affected in any way. No matter what happened, it was better to avoid trouble.

Zhou Yun nodded. "Okay."

However, after such an incident, Zhou Yun could not fall asleep.

Although the panic she had just experienced was short-lived, it seemed to have branded her heart and could not heal immediately. She still had lingering fears.

After a while, Zhou Lan's voice came from the darkness.

"Xiaoyun, actually, if you're willing, you don't need to have a scandal with Song Chi at all to get very good resources."

Hearing Zhou Lan's words, Zhou Yun remained silent.

She knew what Zhou Lan was talking about and that she was right.

When she first signed with the company, Zhou Yun thought that as long as she worked hard, she would slowly become famous and earn money. However, although the entertainment industry was a dreamland, this dream was not made for the people in the entertainment industry. Zhou Yun was good-looking, and everyone around her said so. However, there were too many good-looking people in the entertainment industry. With no exposure and marketing, the short-lived popularity of beauty was just a fleeting night. If she wanted to continue to be popular, it was not enough with just a face.

Many so-called god-level beauties became a splash after tea and rice. Everyone fought to see them and passed.

There was an executive in the company who was interested in her and pursued her. He was not high-profile, but he kept making moves.

Zhou Lan knew about this. He had also told Zhou Yun that it was worth it for her to get the resources she wanted just by having a relationship. It was not only in the entertainment industry, but also in the workplace. Whether it was a man or a woman, such things were not everywhere, but they were not uncommon either. If one satisfied the other, the other would satisfy them. If both parties were willing, two or three years would pass and they could part ways.

However, Zhou Yun didn't agree. She could hug Zhou Lan's arm, whine and say that she didn't want it, but she didn't want to force herself to hug a man's arm just to shake off some tempting candy from his hand. At the end of the day, Zhou Yun had a line in her heart that she couldn't step over.

Zhou Lan let out a sigh.

"Actually, I understand why you're unwilling. Just take it that I was just casually saying. With your personality, if it weren't for the fact that you owe money, you probably wouldn't want to enter the entertainment industry and become a celebrity."

Zhou Yun did not speak for the entire night and did not know when she had fallen asleep.

The next day, she checked out of the hotel and went back to Shanghai with Zhou Lan.

However, Zhou Yun couldn't go back to the apartment to rest right after she landed. Zhou Lan had accepted several "fast food jobs" for her, all of which were taken advantage of her popularity yesterday.

One of them was for a brand recommendation officer, where she only needed to post a promotional advertisement on Weibo. However, the advertisement required photos of her with the recommended products.

When Zhou Yun arrived at the filming location, the production team was already prepared. They were just waiting for her.

This product was a household appliance. It was a new product that urgently needed to be popular. Coincidentally, they bumped into Zhou Yun, who was on the hot search.

The brand recommendation officer was not a spokesperson. It was just a promotional title, but such a promotion could earn seven figures.

The entertainment industry was such a place. Before the wind blew, they were stretched thin and could not see the light of day. They would be so embarrassed that they could not find such a person. Once the wind blew, there would be wind from all directions. Even pigs could blow them to the sky.

Makeup, changing clothes, memorizing advertising slogans, filming…

The shoot took three hours to finish.

That was not all. An hour later, she had to go to the live-stream of another streamer. It was also a product promotion and another snack product that was about to be sold.

Zhou Yun and Zhou Lan rushed to the venue and only ate one piece of bread on the way.

Zhou Lan kept replying to messages. When she was about to reach the company where the streamer worked, she put down her phone and let out a long sigh. She turned around and looked at Zhou Yun. Then she smiled happily and helplessly and said, "You have been so busy these past two days that the whole world seems to be looking for you."

Zhou Yun chuckled and shook her head. "It's just temporary popularity."

"You are calmer than many people." Zhou Lan nodded. "I don't have to worry about you like other newcomers."

"Sister Lan, why don't you manage other celebrities?" Zhou Yun suddenly asked.

The other managers in the company had more than one artiste under them. Even if Zhou Lan had just entered the industry, from a profit perspective, five such newcomers would definitely earn more than one.

"I don't have any extra resources on hand. I can't even afford to manage one of you. It's a waste of time and energy to manage a few more." Zhou Lan said, "I know many managers like to sign more contracts to raise voodoo worms. It depends on their luck if they could break out of the circle. But the master who brought me into the industry is a veteran and pays more attention to the traditional managerial relationship. I prefer this method too. When you become famous in the future and can repay me, I will manage a few more people and it won't affect them."

Zhou Yun said, "When we were filming yesterday, Sister Ying said that her manager had been with her since she debuted. They've been working together for more than 20 years."

"The era when Chen Quanying debuted was different from now. At that time, the entire entertainment market had just developed. Everyone had to cross the river by feeling the stones. Now, there is a mature mechanism. The manager has to rely on the company's control and is more like a nanny who manages artists on behalf of the company," Zhou Lan said. "I don't want to be just a nanny."


"I took a fancy to you and wanted to take care of you because you are different from the other newbies." Zhou Lan smiled slightly. "When everyone else was busy with those big managers in the company, you stood outside the crowd calmly and composedly. I thought that you should be someone with a mind of her own. Compared to being a puppet managed by your manager, you should want to have some autonomy."

"Ah? Sister Lan, you can tell? I thought you wanted to sign me because you saw that I was quiet and obedient." Zhou Yun smiled.

"You have the most outstanding qualities among all the newcomers. Why do you think those big managers didn't snatch you from me?" Zhou Lan chuckled. "Times have changed. In the past, artists had to be unique and have their own personality and talent. Only then could they be different. Now it is the era of idols. Everything can be packaged, provided that you are obedient."

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