9 The Beginning of the Scandal: 09

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Su Yan sat on Liu Qingqing and Zhou Yun's right. She stuck her head over and asked curiously, "Did you know each other before?"

Liu Qingqing immediately answered, "It's our first meeting today. Did you know Xiaoyun before?"

"Of course it's my first time meeting her," Su Yan said. "However, I was shocked when I saw the trending topic this morning."

Zhou Yun said innocently, "The paparazzi made it up."

"I remember that you're filming a drama with Song Chi now, right?" Liu Qingqing asked Su Yan. "You should know best if Zhou Yun is Song Chi's girlfriend."

When Su Yan heard that, her eyes flickered. She laughed and said, "Although I'm filming with him on the same production team, how could I know about such things?"

These words sounded fine at first, but in fact, they were still vague. Liu Qingqing had previously thrown out those words to get Su Yan to act as a witness and clarify this scandal. However, Su Yan only avoided the main point and made light of it. It gave the impression that even if Song Chi and Zhou Yun were in a relationship, she would not know.

Zhou Yun could only emphasize again. "I don't know Teacher Song Chi."

Liu Qingqing patted the back of Zhou Yun's hand and said, "Alright, don't worry. The fans are very smart now. They won't be led by the nose by the paparazzi. Don't worry."

Zhou Yun smiled gratefully at Liu Qingqing.

At the side, Su Yan took out her sunglasses from her bag and put them on.

When Chen Quanying, who was chatting with others, saw this, she directly asked, "Su Yan, why are you wearing sunglasses when the sun has already set? Are you pretending to be cool?"

With that, Su Yan almost gave up.

Zhou Yun acutely noticed the corners of Su Yan's mouth twitch.

She had long heard that Chen Quanying had a straightforward personality. There were many rumors in the industry that she was bullying others. Now that she saw her today, she was really… unique. At least, after being in the industry for so long, this was the first time she had seen someone expose others so directly.

This was if she excluded people like Liu Qingqing and Su Yan who had conflicts in the first place.

Su Yan took off her sunglasses and pouted. She said aggrievedly, "Aiya, Sister Ying, I'm tired. I want to sleep in the car for a while."

Even Su Yan did not dare to directly go against Chen Quanying.

Liu Qingqing didn't let go of this opportunity for her nemesis. She added insult to the injury. "Then I'll change seats with you. I want to chat with Sister Ying. When I was in school, I liked to listen to Sister Ying's songs. I even went to Sister Ying's concert with my friends."

Su Yan instantly shot her a glare.

Chen Quanying looked at Liu Qingqing in surprise. "You've gone to my concert?"

"Yes, five years ago, in Beijing." Liu Qingqing said, "Do you remember?"

"I remember. Of course I remember my concert." Chen Quanying turned to Su Yan and said, "Aren't you going to sleep for a while? Since Liu Qingqing wants to change seats with you, hurry up and change seats."

Su Yan's expression was a little awkward, as if she had been placed on a bonfire.

She was being driven away.

Su Yan could not take this lying down, but she had no choice. She could only grit her teeth and swallow it as she switched seats with Liu Qingqing.

There were still cameras filming. Zhou Yun smiled and called 'Sister Yanyan'.

Su Yan nodded with a straight face and put on her sunglasses again. It was unknown if she was really asleep.

Only then did Zhou Yun take out her phone and turn her body slightly so that Su Yan could not see her phone screen. She sent a message to Zhou Lan: Did you see it this afternoon?

Zhou Lan: What?

Zhou Yun said: Su Yan kicked me.

Zhou Lan: What? Was it during the game? She didn't do it on purpose, did she?

Zhou Yun: No, she did it on purpose because I didn't stand on her side. Instead, I was close to Liu Qingqing.

Zhou Lan: Are they really not on good terms?

Zhou Yun: When we were changing clothes, they fell out with each other.

Zhou Lan: Then don't be impulsive now. Finish shooting the program first. Don't forget what you want to show on the camera.

Zhou Yun: I know, but remember to get someone to make a copy of the video.

Zhou Lan: Leave it to me. Don't worry.

After instructing, Zhou Yun heaved a sigh of relief before turning to look at Su Yan.

Su Yan suddenly said in a cold voice, "What's the matter?"

Sure enough, she wasn't asleep.

Zhou Yun looked confused. "Huh? Sister Yanyan, what's wrong?"

Su Yan scoffed and fell silent again.

Zhou Yun smiled helplessly and turned her head to look out of the window. The smile in her eyes faded.

When they arrived at the dinner table, there was a big table. After everyone took their seats, the director and photographers were already prepared. The empty seats in front of the dining table were filled with people, but there were only celebrities in the camera.

Su Yan looked like she was about to drool. She said, "I'm so hungry. I feel like I can eat a cow now!"

Liu Qingqing immediately said, "Me too. I'm really hungry. Director, there are no more tasks left, right? Shall we have dinner now?"

The two girls looked at the camera with pleading expressions.

A beautiful girl like this would always make one's heart soften.

But how could the director be soft-hearted?

"Of course… there's a mission."

Su Yan and Liu Qingqing sighed at the same time, but they did not argue.

The men behind them also started to complain.

"Director, what about feelings? What about love for us?"

"No more recording, no more recording. I announce that this episode will be my last recording."

"This is too much!"


They were all acting and putting on a show. These were camera effects.

Zhou Yun was not the host. All she had to do was smile helplessly.

She smiled beautifully and was a pretty vase.

"Xiaoyun, sit next to me." After Liu Qingqing sat down, she took the initiative to greet her. "Come quickly."

Zhou Yun sat down.

"Liu Qingqing, did you do it on purpose?" Zhang Haichen suddenly widened his eyes. "I already said that I want to sit with Xiaoyun tonight!"

Zhou Yun was stunned and looked at Zhang Haichen, not knowing what to do.

Liu Qingqing smiled proudly and said, "Humph, stop harming our Xiaoyun. She's so innocent!"

Zhou Yun was dumbfounded.

Zhang Haichen sighed and faced the camera with a gloomy expression.

Zhou Yun understood. It was another variety show effect.

She hugged Liu Qingqing's arm with a smile.

When Su Yan saw this scene, her expression turned ugly. She even looked at Zhou Yun with a hint of disgust.

Of course, this slight disgust avoided the camera.

Zhou Yun originally did not want to get involved in the battle between Su Yan and Liu Qingqing, but Su Yan's kick in the afternoon made Zhou Yun angry.

Liu Qingqing might be putting on an act in front of the camera, but at least she didn't do that to her.

Zhou Yun was so happy to have a close sisterly relationship with Liu Qingqing that would anger Su Yan to death.

For the rest of the shoot, Zhou Yun and Liu Qingqing became even more intimate. She would hold hands or hug Liu Qingqing from time to time.

They were as intimate as best friends who had grown up together.

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