4 The Beginning of the Scandal: 04

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Zhou Yun had always felt that she was quite thick-skinned and could handle any occasion. However, she still felt embarrassed at this moment. After all, it was human nature.

"Brother Song." Zhou Yun greeted him.

Song Chi didn't say anything, but a fatty standing beside him sneered sarcastically and said, "Yo, isn't this Brother Song's rumored girlfriend? Why is she still here?"

Song Chi was wearing sunglasses. Zhou Yun could only see him furrow his brows slightly as he called out softly, "Yuhu."

Luo Yuhu, Song Chi's assistant.

His sarcastic remark didn't anger Zhou Yun. Instead, Zhou Lan put on a cold smile and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She stepped forward and stepped on the opening of the elevator door, which was about to close.

"Does your family own this hotel? Why are you still here?"

Luo Yuhu and Zhou Lan glared at each other.

Zhou Yun sighed in her heart. She was unwilling to get into a conflict with someone at this time, especially when the other party was Song Chi.

"Brother Song, I don't know what's going on with these photos and scandals, but my company will issue a clarification statement soon."

Song Chi nodded gently.

Zhou Yun pulled Zhou Lan and said, "Sister Lan, let's wait for the next one. The hotel building is probably full of reporters. It's not good for us to go out of the elevator with Brother Song."

Zhou Lan reluctantly retracted her foot.

Luo Yuhu sneered and muttered softly, "What are you pretending for?"

Hearing these words, Zhou Lan raised her eyebrows and was about to act up again when the elevator door closed.

"That son of a b*tch!" Zhou Lan cursed.

Zhou Yun said calmly, "Sister Lan, forget it. There's no need to argue with a retard."

Zhou Lan was still angry. "I will tear off that idiot's mouth when I have the chance. It stinks like a feces pit."

Having said that, Zhou Lan suddenly thought of something. She turned to Zhou Yun and asked in surprise, "Why are you so good-tempered today? Aren't you always scolding faster than me?"

Zhou Yun looked serious.

"Song Chi is good-looking. I want to maintain my image in front of the handsome little brother."

Zhou Lan immediately rolled her eyes.


Actually, Zhou Yun was not obsessed with looks. Of course, everyone liked good-looking people. What not being obsessed with looks meant was that she would not lose her mind just because he was good-looking. She just did not want to waste her breath explaining to Zhou Lan why she had restrained her temper just now.

Zhou Lan was a very capable manager, but unlike most managers, she was not as tactful and was straightforward. Because of her personality, she made some friends and offended some people.

Since Zhou Lan had already scolded him back for her, if she scolded him again, it would be a repetitive job and Zhou Lan would have no way out.

It would be better for her to calm down and hold Zhou Lan back, so that she could clean up the mess after Zhou Lan's retaliation.

On the other hand, no matter how one looked at it, she was the one who benefited. Even if she clarified it, it was undeniable that more people now knew her name.

Zhou Yun did not want to take advantage of him and still argue with him over such an insignificant matter.

Song Chi was a top celebrity himself, so he understood that the rumors were not necessarily hyped up by the protagonist.

Some things just needed to be made clear.

If it wasn't, then it wasn't.

Zhou Yun took out her sunglasses and put them on. At the same time, she also put on her earphones.

This was her shield from the media's relentless attacks.

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