12 Start of the Scandal: 12

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Zhou Yun was really tired. The moment she returned to her room, she forced herself to remove her makeup, wash her face, apply some lotion, and she fell asleep.

She slept very soundly. According to her usual habits, she would not wake up until noon the next day. In the end, she did not know how long she slept for. In a daze, Zhou Yun heard a rustling sound.

Zhou Yun frowned and slowly regained consciousness.

What was that noise? A rat?

Zhou Yun opened her eyes and turned around.

The sound came from the doorway.

The room was dark and without light. The curtains in the room were completely closed again, and there was no light coming in from outside.

Zhou Yun subconsciously reached out to press the button to turn on the lights at the head of the bed. However, the moment her fingers touched the button, a chill seemed to stimulate her and she jolted awake.

The rustling was coming from the door. Was that noise coming from behind the door, or not?

Zhou Yun stopped in her tracks and did not move for a long time.

In the middle of the night, there was a rustling sound in an unfamiliar hotel. It was really strange when these few things were combined.

No matter how bold Zhou Yun was, her scalp was numb.

She did not dare to act rashly, afraid that someone had really snuck into the room. If she turned on the light, she would alert the enemy and make that person lose his mind in a moment of desperation.

However, she did not dare to sit still and wait for death.

What should I do?

This thought popped up in Zhou Yun's mind, and her palms were sweating.

At that moment, the rustling stopped.

A beep sounded.

It was an electronic sound.

It was not an illusion. This time, Zhou Yun was very sure that this voice was coming from the door of her room.

It sounded like someone had failed to open the door with a key card.

The room fell silent again.

This silence was like a lake, gradually submerging a person who could not make a sound.

At this moment, a voice sounded from the door.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Zhou Yun was like a drowning person who had suddenly caught a boat. The first thing she did was not to open the door or turn on the lights. Instead, she took out the phone that was charging by the bed and called Zhou Lan.


Ten minutes later, Zhou Lan was sitting on the edge of Zhou Yun's bed in her pajamas with a serious look on her face. Looking at Zhou Yun's face without any makeup, the latter showed a look of panic and fear.

Girls would definitely be afraid when they encountered such a thing.

Zhou Lan moved closer to Zhou Yun and took her into her arms.

After another ten minutes, a female hotel manager returned with two waiters.

She smiled apologetically at Zhou Yun and said, "Miss Zhou, we've already checked the surveillance records. In the past half an hour, everything was normal at the door of your room. No one passed by."

Zhou Yun raised her head in shock, her eyes bursting with anger.

"How is that possible? I heard it with my own ears. Another person bumped into him!"

The hotel manager smiled apologetically and asked, "Miss Zhou, did you have a nightmare?"

Zhou Yun said coldly, "I can tell what is a dream and what is reality."

This result made the panic in Zhou Yun's heart dissipate. She stood up and said, "Take me there. I want to see the surveillance footage myself."

The manager's reply was obviously a lie!

Why lie?

Such a thing would be very dishonorable for the hotel. It might even cause a fatal blow to the hotel's reputation.

If a hotel couldn't give its guests a sense of security, it could just wait to close down.

Zhou Yun's disbelieving attitude made Zhou Lan swallow the words she was about to say.

Did she really have a nightmare?

Zhou Lan thought so too.

However, Zhou Yun was not someone who randomly caused trouble. Because of this, Zhou Lan chose to swallow her words.

If this was true, as Zhou Lan's manager, she had to help Zhou Yun get an explanation from the hotel!

To Zhou Yun's surprise, the hotel manager did not make things difficult for her. She nodded and agreed.

Without any hesitation, she agreed to take them to see the surveillance footage.

It was as if she had already guessed that the two of them would react like this.

"Take us there." Zhou Yun put on a jacket for herself.


Thirty minutes later, Zhou Yun, who had already watched the surveillance video twice, bit her lip in disbelief.

Everything was really normal. For nearly an hour, no one entered or left this corridor.

How did that happen?

The smile on the manager's face was still polite, but no matter how Zhou Yun looked at it, she felt that the other party's smile was filled with ridicule as if she was watching a joke.

- Look, you had a nightmare, didn't you?

It was as if she was really an unreasonable guest.

Zhou Lan patted Zhou Yun's shoulder and said, "Xiaoyun, you were secretly photographed by the paparazzi and became a hot topic. It is normal for you to have nightmares. Don't worry too much, as long as you are fine."

What Zhou Lan meant was not only to comfort Zhou Yun, but also to set the tone before the manager said anything.

Even though Zhou Yun's matter was a little troublesome, the nightmare was because the paparazzi had secretly taken photos. It was because the hotel was not strictly managed and the paparazzi had taken advantage of the situation. All of those resulted in tonight's trouble.

Zhou Yun was a bit indignant, but there was no point in continuing. She said to Zhou Lan, "Let's go back."

She turned to the manager and said, "I'm sorry to disturb you. Thank you."

The manager smiled politely. "It's our duty to serve you. We should do this. Good night."

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