65 Chapter 65

"Mannerless buffoon." Princess Rose scoffed. "I do not blame you anyway. I wonder what my stupid brother is teaching you."

Leo wanted to say that his Prince wasn't stupid but gritted his teeth, knowing it wasn't what to say. "We still have to find him."

Princess Rose then turned to Prince Ludiciel, wagging a finger at his face. "I'm warning you, Prince Ludiciel. Convey my message to your brother too. If my brother is not found by nightfall, it will mean war!"

"Watch your tongue Princess Rose." Prince Ludiciel warned gravely. "You speak heavy words."

It was an insult. Was she trying to say Prince Ron had been kidnapped by them?

Princess Rose stood her ground, glaring at him. "What should concern you is the disappearance of my brother not the weight of my words and I promise you, Prince Ludiciel, if my brother is not brought to me today, it will spell the end of our alliance and your Kingdom."


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