62 Chapter 62

Immediately after saying that, Prince Ron snickered quietly for he noticed his beloved was thinking.

He huffed and raised his chin, muttering; "Your Majesty, I know it has only been a few weeks since we've been here but you should be able to tell some things about me already. I cannot believe you would even think that of me. I am very angry and disappointed."

Admist everything, Zedekiel could only hear one thing. It was clear. The human held no feelings for the Elf Princess in his heart.

Zedekiel's heart could finally calm down. His hold on the human's waist eased and he even smiled a little. His sister did not own the human's heart. Being in his arms and still muttering away, Zedekiel couldn't help but find the human cute. To stop his rambling, he said; "My apologies, Prince Ron. I didn't realise you were so capable. I shouldn't have accused you of being in cahoots with the prisoner."

Prince Ron "!!!!!!"


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