4 Zhou Tianba, Absurd Marriage

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Zhou Qingling was worried that Shangguan Jin would cause trouble for Li Qingshan after school, so she specially invited him.

She had always been a decisive person who did things without hesitation.

If Li Qingshan refused, Zhou Qingling would turn around and go home without worrying about this at all.

In his previous life, Li Qingshan, the bookworm, rejected Zhou Qingling's kindness and went home himself.

In the end, his bike had its tires slashed and destroyed, and he himself was beaten up.

It was really funny to think about it.

Now, Li Qingshan had experienced many years of hardship and had matured a lot. He was also more familiar with the ways of the world.

He immediately agreed. "Thank you. My family is at the Blessed Green Flower Court!"

"Let's go!" Zhou Qingling didn't say anything else.

Then, the two of them left the classroom together with their school bags.

On the way, Zhou Qingling did not mention anything about the note.

She had already forgotten about Li Qingshan's note and childish behavior.

Moreover, she felt that it was disrespectful to Li Qingshan to mention this.

Li Qingshan did not care about this and shrugged.

He had already sent the message.

Tonight, that simple, mysterious, and extraordinary voice would ring in Zhou Qingling's ears.

Li Qingshan believed that the warm-hearted class monitor would definitely think of him and contact him immediately!

There was no point in saying anything now.

Moreover, what if the global change did not happen tonight?

Then wouldn't he be courting utter embarrassment by spouting nonsense?

Humans could die, but not tolerate humiliation.

Li Qingshan did not want to humiliate himself.

Moreover, if possible, Li Qingshan really hoped that this global change would not happen.

This way, the order of this world would not collapse, and many innocent lives would not be in danger!

He could also rely on the information and cultivation techniques he had obtained in his previous life to live well in this ordinary world!

Soon, Li Qingshan and Zhou Qingling arrived at the school gate.

Outside the school gate, a burly figure stood in front of a black car.

He was tall and muscular. He wore glasses and had no hair on his head. It was obvious that he was not to be trifled with.

What scared the students at this age the most was that this tall and strong man's right arm had a tattoo of a white tiger that even his short sleeves could not hide. This was a symbol of tyranny.

Although Li Qingshan was wearing heavy glasses, his reconnaissance ability before his rebirth was deeply engraved in the depths of his soul.

In an instant, he saw the burly man and recognized him as Zhou Qingling's brother, Zhou Tianba, the expert from the underworld.

Not only that, but Li Qingshan also noticed a little fatty with a glint in his eyes.

The chubby boy was a spy arranged by Shangguan Jin. He was mainly responsible for following Li Qingshan and reporting his location in real time.

Now, when he saw Li Qingshan and Zhou Qingling walking together, he took out his cell phone and reported the current information to his boss, Shangguan Jin.

Over here.

"Sis!" Zhou Tianba greeted Zhou Qingling half-jokingly.

Then, he looked at Li Qingshan, who was walking beside Zhou Qingling, with hostility.

Zhou Tianba then retracted his hostility.

This was because Li Qingshan was wearing thick glasses and looked like a weak scholar.

His sister didn't like this type of boy, so he didn't have to worry about Zhou Qingling falling in love at a young age!

"Brother." Zhou Qingling responded and then began to introduce Li Qingshan. "This is my classmate, Li Qingshan. His bike broke down today. Let's give him a ride home."

The broken bike was just an excuse that Zhou Qingling made up to prevent her brother from making wild guesses. At the same time, she did not want to explain a lot of things about Li Qingshan being bullied.

"Oh!" Zhou Tianba nodded and said, "What about tomorrow morning? Do you need us to send him to school?"

Zhou Qingling looked at Li Qingshan and was about to ask for his opinion.

"No need." Li Qingshan shook his head and said, "I'll take a taxi to school tomorrow morning. I'll contact the mechanic to help me repair the bicycle tomorrow."

The world would already have changed. Why would he need a bicycle? Moreover, it was a deflated bicycle.

Li Qingshan had already abandoned this "BMW."

"Oh, then get in the car. I'll take you home!" Zhou Tianba said.

Then, the three of them boarded the black sedan.

The car sped all the way and soon arrived at the Blessed Green Flower Garden.

After leaving Li Qingshan behind, Zhou Qingling and Zhou Tianba went back home.

On the other side.

The little fat boy, who was the spy, sent the message that Li Qingshan was being escorted home to Shangguan Jin.

When Shangguan Jin, who was drinking milk tea, received the news, he frowned and cursed, "That Zhou Qingling is really annoying. Not only is she good-looking, but she also has such a difficult and overprotective brother at home."

"They gave that b*tch Li Qingshan a ride home!"

A young man beside him said, "If Zhou Qingling didn't have her brother to protect her, she would have become a horse ridden by you long ago."

"That's right, hahaha!" A lackey beside him laughed.

As hooligans, other than studying, they were tainted by everything.

Moreover, bullying some weaker students was their pleasure.

Regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl, as long as they were slightly weaker, they would be stepped on and bullied.

Zhou Qingling was good-looking, but she had a fierce older brother.

If it wasn't for being afraid of Zhou Tianba, Shangguan Jin would have used some violent methods to capture Zhou Qingling long ago.

"How boring. The four-eyed b*tch has already gone home."

"His temper is rising today. I really want to slap him and help him calm down!"

"We'll teach him a lesson tomorrow when he goes to the toilet! Now, let's go to the 'Tang Shan Barbecue' to drink and eat skewers."

Shangguan Jin said.

Under the agreement of his lackeys, the group of people walked out of the milk tea shop without caring about anyone else and headed to the next stop.

On the other side.

Li Qingshan used his memory to return to his familiar home.

When he got home, Li Qingshan came to the altar and knelt down in front of the memorial tablet.

"Dad, this isn't a dream. I'm back!"

"In my previous life, this child was weak and was bullied. He suffered a lot of anger and embarrassed you."

"In this life, I will live a glorious life. I will be a man and bring glory to you!"

"If you know in the netherworld, please wish this son all the best!"

Li Qingshan said with tears in the corners of his eyes and kowtowed heavily.

Li Qingshan was an only child and lived in a divorced family.

When Li Qingshan was four years old, his father and mother divorced.

The reason for the divorce was absurd.

It was said that his mother had been having an affair with another rich man all along.

Marriage was just a mission issued by the rich man.

Mr. Li was so muddle-headed that he took 'Mother Li' and married her.

Not only that, even Li Qingshan's birth was another mission issued by the rich man!

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