1 Rebirth

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"Hey, four-eyed b*tch, are you done with your homework?"

"Bring it to me so I can copy it!"

An extremely arrogant voice was accompanied by the sound of heavy knocking on the table.

Li Qingshan raised his head subconsciously and looked ahead blankly.

However, his pupils were not focused on a particular spot. Instead, they were in a turbid and unfocused state.

Li Qingshan was thinking and recalling!

'Where am I?'

'Wasn't I hunting demon pythons in the Great Forest of Death with the Dream Team?'

'Where are they?'

'What about the sounds of fighting?'

'Right, Captain Mao, there's a ruffian who specializes in ambushes that's hiding on the treetop. I'll deal with him!'

'Senior Sister Zhou, you're injured. Don't attack. Let me deal with it alone!'

'Uncle Kong, stop touching sh*t and come over to disgust him!'

'Run? Run for what?'

'What?! The demon of the Sky Demon Sect is here…'


Li Qingshan's brain was in a slight mess. A few key scenes surged into his mind one after another.

At the same time, Li Qingshan frowned.

"Four-eyed b*tch, I'm calling you, why the f*ck are you in a daze!"

An arrogant and rough voice interrupted Li Qingshan's thoughts.

Although the voice was rough, there was a sense of familiarity. Li Qingshan wanted to see the person in front of him clearly.

However, at the next moment, a big fist landed heavily on his head, interrupting Li Qingshan's line of sight. His glasses fell to the ground.

After a short moment of confusion, Li Qingshan looked up at the person in front of him again.

Standing in front of him was a tall student with slicked-back hair. He had a disdainful and fierce expression on his face and was looking at him.

Even if he turned into ashes, Li Qingshan would still recognize this beast!

Recalling the past, Li Qingshan's heart suddenly burned with anger.

But in an instant, he thought of something important and temporarily suppressed the anger in his heart.

Did I return to my high school days?!

Shangguan Jin asked to borrow my homework today, and the class monitor helped me out!

However, after school, Shangguan Jin, that animal, not only deflated the tires of my bike, but he also blocked me at the school gate and beat me up!

Damn it! He deserves to die!

It was after midnight that the entire Earth changed!

All the humans on Earth would mutate!

The ability they obtained after mutating was related to the last thing they touched today!

Someone touched an ox. Their bones shifted, their body became tall and straight, with horns growing out of his head, becoming a world shaking Ox Demon King!

Someone touched a crocodile and actually obtained the ability to transform into a steel crocodile!

Someone touched a bird and grew wings on their back, obtaining the ability to fly!

Someone touched a big tree and actually fused with it!

Someone touched steel, and their bones and skin would become as tough as steel and invulnerable!

Someone had touched a high-voltage wire and obtained the power to control lightning!

Someone touched his own p*nis and obtained the ability to control part of or all of his body to harden when he saw a woman!

Someone touched an Ultraman doll and actually obtained the power of light!

Someone touched the globe, and the patterns of the Earth appeared on his skin!

Someone touched feces and obtained the superpower to fuse with feces and strengthen themselves!

Someone touched paper money and turned into a monster made of paper money!

Someone touched a strand of hair and turned into a long-haired monster!


In the end, some people obtained superhero-like strange abilities, while others became ugly monsters that everyone wanted to kill!

After this day, order ceased to exist, civilization declined, the structure was broken, and the entire world was in chaos!

Humanity fell into a long period of chaos because of this!

Some scholars called this period of time the Third World War!

Although there was some controversy over the definition, it didn't matter!

This was because half a year later, Earth broke away from the solar orbit and rushed out of the Milky Way at a speed that humans could not measure. It crashed into a cultivation continent filled with opportunities!

The humans on Earth had begun a new journey!

Li Qingshan's eyes flashed as a series of memories surged into his mind.

'This rebirth brings me back to the day before the global mutation!'

'Let's do it again. With my previous life's experience, I should live my own life and suppress the current generation!'

Li Qingshan's heart was filled with ambition, and he could not help but clench his hands into big fists.

At this moment, Shangguan Jin's rough voice entered Li Qingshan's ears again, interrupting his thoughts.

"What the f*ck are you getting so worked up about!"

"Are you trying to beat me up by clenching your fists?!"

Shangguan Jin scolded Li Qingshan angrily.

At the same time, he swung his extremely thick fist at Li Qingshan again like a cannonball.

This punch could smash a huge bump on Li Qingshan's head if it connected!

Just when everyone thought that Li Qingshan was going to suffer, an unbelievable scene happened.

Li Qingshan's eyes were indifferent. He raised his right hand instinctively and slapped Shangguan Jin's thick arm in a strange arc!

Everyone only heard a light bang. Shangguan Jin's cannonball-like fist deviated and smashed towards a lackey beside him!

In his previous life, the world had mutated and the Earth was in danger. Li Qingshan had arrived at the Cultivation Continent alive. After countless life-and-death challenges, he was no longer that weak bookworm!


Seeing this, Shangguan Jin's expression turned ugly. He roared and was about to swing a big fist again.


"Class is about to start. Shut the f*ck up!"

A valiant female voice sounded. The person who spoke was the Class Monitor who had helped Li Qingshan out of his predicament in his past life.

Shangguan Jin's fist stopped in mid-air and did not continue forward.

"Hmph, so it's Zhou Qingling, the class monitor!"

"For your sake, I won't bully the four-eyed weakling for the time being!"

Shangguan Jin snorted coldly.

"For my sake?"

"I think you're afraid that my brother will find trouble with you!"

The class monitor, Zhou Qingling, mocked bluntly.


As if his thoughts had been seen through, Shangguan Jin snorted coldly and returned to his seat with an unhappy expression.

His lackeys also left tactfully.

Li Qingshan's heart did not waver. His eyes passed over the bodies of the student hooligans and landed on the class monitor, Zhou Qingling.

At this moment, Zhou Qingling was wearing the uniform of Nankai No. 3 High School. It was summer, and she was wearing a short-sleeved shirt.

Due to the hot weather, one of the buttons on her shirt was unbuttoned, revealing her snow-white and delicate skin.

Zhou Qingling's hair was tied into a high ponytail and she looked extremely pure. There were a few drops of sweat on her temples, giving her a youthful aura.

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