1 Becoming Makima in ???

In the far east was the concrete jungle known as metropolitan Tokyo. Shrouded with towering buildings piercing through the skies and brimming with people from all over the country, a new golden dawn begins with the tranquility of peace. 

Within its crowded streets overflowing with vehicles and people, a spectacular figure stood elegantly amongst the crowd of passersby.

It was a gorgeous lady clad in a jet-black suit looking forward in a calm daze. Though... Moments later, she got out of her soothing trance, resulting in confusion forming on her face. 

She glanced up and down, from right to left, as she became even more perplexed. What was she doing here in the middle of a concrete jungle? 

The lady had no tinge of recollection of ever entering this city. 

It was as if she was teleported here.

"Where am I?" 

This question echoed inside her head a couple of times. And what came after was an empty blank. She didn't know where she was in this world.

Wait, what was a world?

How could she form words without remembering where she learned them?

Before the beautiful lady could continue her unrelenting and chaotic wandering thoughts, she became distracted by her pale arms, which glistened under the morning dawn. 

"Who am I?"

An existential question arrived in her mind, and as if trying to answer it, unknown memories surged like water from a broken dam. It flooded her perception, making her distraught.

But on the outside, the lady stood with opulence despite the torment her mind was facing. 

Time passed by as innumerable people walked past her while she stood idly on the sidewalk. Many took notice of her enchanting appearance but never dared to walk over due to her aura of nobility. 

She was like a captivating flower residing on a dangerous cliff. 

One could only observe her from afar.

Nonetheless, as the memories flooding her head calmed down, she took her time to organize the remembrance of the past she had gained. Sadly, though, there wasn't much. 

What she recollected also wasn't about her past identity or life. 

It was about something else.

So what did she gain? Well...

The immense knowledge of Anime and Comics. 

From over a thousand series ranging from anime, mangas, manhwas, manhuas, and the usual comics, all of them were unnecessarily vast. 

This might be why the memory recollection practically flooded her mind.

There was also the strange word, Otaku. She didn't know what it meant, but for some unknown reason, it resonated with her. 

"But why do I feel strange? It feels as though there is a missing piece."

She wondered while gazing at the crowd of people surrounding her. 

Ever since the recollection of her memories, something had changed. She felt the core of her being getting transformed into something else. And it hadn't stopped yet.

The people- No, monkeys?

Wait, what? When did they become monkeys? Aren't there humans?

The more she thought about it, the clearer it became. Her perception of the world was changing. It was becoming something else. It was turning into a grander perspective of a higher being. 

However, before she could continue thinking about the transformation of world views, she shook her head and decided to not pay the change any heed. 

She walked through the sidewalk as she slowly became disinterested in the masses of meat that, for some reason, shrouded her view. 

After strolling for quite some time in the morning, she noticed a newspaper on a wooden bench. She took it with interest evident on her face since she wanted to gain information about her circumstances. 

"This is Japanese..."

"2nd of April, Year 2XXX, metropolitan Tokyo."

"A hundred years has passed, but Tokyo doesn't seem to have changed." 

When she began muttering to herself, she noticed some problems with the words that had escaped from her supple lips. It was all shaded with familiarity, which shouldn't exist.

"Don't tell me-" 

Before the stunning suited lady could utter more, a pain deep inside her body ached outward. Even the aura of grandeur enveloping her being was slowly breaking apart as she instinctively gritted her teeth from the unusual pain. 

"Argh! What is this pain?!"

"This isn't normal! It feels as though my soul is being ripped from my body." 

Something was marking itself into her soul. It was a concept of some sort that silently devoured and fused with her soul, making her feel a great deal of pain. 

One would expect some earth-shattering changes in her body, but nothing seemed to have evolved into something else. Everything looked as it should, practically ordinary.

But if one could see through the spiritual self. The transformation would be apparent. The meager soul of a human being became an all-devouring void of pitch-black.

In simpler terms, she became a concept. 

The lady panted while sitting on the wooden bench. She heavily breathes in and out, trying to control her heart rate. Cold sweat dripped from her forehead as the former nobility emitting from her body long faded. 

"What happened?"

She couldn't help but question since she had never experienced such pain. Even the recollection of memories that flooded and almost broke her mind couldn't be compared to it. The difference was that of the heavens and the earth.

"I don't want to feel that ever again."

She shook her head and finally calmed down. 

And as if it was ingrained in her instinct, the aura of nobility she had emitted returned. The haggard lady had disappeared as if she hadn't existed. What remained was a cold yet soothing woman.

Anyhow, she had recollected more memories from that ordeal. It was primarily about a place known as Tokyo, though it looked far different from the current Tokyo, even with its similarities.

In this metropolitan city, there were monstrous creatures born from fear. They were called the Devils. She led a division in the government-sanctioned organization called the Public Safety Devil Hunters, which was supposed to deal with the Devil threat.

For some reason, the memories she had gained reminded her of something. It was about a manga series serialized in 2018. The manga was one of her top ten favorites among all the series she had read.


The alluring lady glanced forward and saw the reflective windows of a clothing store. It was then she saw the reflection of her appearance.

Her icy gaze squinted upon noticing a pair of radiant golden irises filled with hypnotic crimson circles and hair dyed in scarlet blood shimmering under the lustrous light of the golden sun. 

"I have become, Makima?"

"No wonder. This alone explains everything that had happened." 

She sighed since the puzzling painting of her identity had been completed. 

Her instinctive arrogance of looking down over humans was the grand perspective of the Control/Conquest Devil. And the pain of her soul transforming into something else must be her turning into the concept of Control. 

There was also one thing she had confirmed. 

She wasn't Makima gaining the memories of an outsider. She was a foreigner who had become the feared Makima. 

"How strange. Especially with how I'm taking it lightly."

"I have become the Control/Conquest Devil. The Toxic Manipulator # Wife of many weebs. Though, I don't know what the word weebs means."

"Perhaps I can learn more about it later."

The subject had become distant from what she planned to tackle, so she changed it without trouble. As expected of a manipulator. 

"Nonetheless, is this the effect of becoming the concept of Control? My reigns over my emotions are great. It will be hard for me to display fear and shock."

"But it's not like one can consider it bad news." 

She crossed her legs veiled under the blackness of her slack pants. Her relaxed expression faded and was soon replaced as the edges of her lips slightly rose with interest. 


The circumstances she found herself in were amusing. It didn't anger her to be transported into another world and become the feared Makima. Maybe this was the effect of her being a concept, but that didn't matter.

What was most important was her identity.

In this world shrouded in mystery, trapped inside Tokyo that was similar yet different, she needed an identity she could stick to for a long time.

She first thought of her former name, but nothing came from the recollected memories. Most of it was vast memories of unnecessary information. 

So, with this in mind, there was only one way forward.

She must become the Control/Conquest Devil Makima.

"I'll call myself Makima from now on."

The conclusion of her identity made her natural cold expression softened. 

Now that she had accepted her identity as the Control/Conquest Devil, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. She was confident of surviving whatever world she was thrown into.

At the very least, she wouldn't instantly die.

"And before thinking about survival, I must investigate the world I'm currently in."

"It appears to be the future with the current year 2XXX. But nothing seemed to have changed. It looks not much different from that of the twenty-first century."

"Did technology stagnate in this world?"

Makima placed her pale fingers below her chin and thought about it. The stagnation of technology must have a reason. After all, it was impossible to stop the growth of technology unless something happened.

She continued reading the newspaper, which she found lying beside her. Luckily, it didn't disappear out of nowhere. It would be saddening if she had to find another newspaper.

"There are tons of news written in this paper. But why are all of them mostly talking about heroes?"

"Is the entertainment industry big in this era?" 

Makima turned her relaxed gaze to a massive billboard atop a building. On the billboard, she saw a strange guy wearing some weird and skimpy suit advertising a dishwashing product.

She glanced around her surroundings and noticed several monke- people wearing unique and exotic outfits that seemed to be designed to invite attention from the public. 

They appeared to be wearing it proudly.

But for some reason, they looked nothing more than flamboyant peacocks showing off their not-so-beautiful tails in her eyes. 

"This world must be an open-minded one. To think someone would wear such embarrassing outfits with pride. That requires some shed of bravery."

After remarking on the uniqueness of the world and its inhabitants, she thought of the news written in the newspaper. Most of them were accidents, which were accordingly solved by heroes. 

But other than the topic of heroes, no one was talking about the world's circumstances.

"It looks like this world doesn't have any apocalyptic-bringing problems."

Makima took a breath of disappointment as she stood up from the wooden bench. She stretched her arms upward, unintentionally showing off her body. 

Afterward, she walked away and kept observing the city with scrutiny. The peacocks seemed adamant about roaming the streets of Tokyo. And they also appeared to be using strange abilities of some sort.

It was then, at this moment, a realization struck Makima out of nowhere. She stopped moving as her hypnotic golden eyes coolly squinted. 

"I can't believe I forgot about that series."

The memories inside her mind were still in disarray. There were thousands of series she had to keep in mind. The possibility of arriving in a story world was also not within the conjectures she had thought of. 

'I wonder why?'

At any rate, the flamboyant peacocks roaming the streets of Tokyo weren't random brave weirdos. They were individuals part of an organization called the Hero Public Safety Commission. 

In simpler terms, they were heroes. 

She was reincarnated in a familiar series known as My Hero Academia. 

Set in a world where superpowers (called 'Quirks') have become commonplace, it was a series that followed the journey of the not-so-quirkless-anymore boy Izuku Midoriya. 

Just thinking about the series made the edges of her lips rise in delight. The heroes, the villains, and the people she could conquer. How much of this world would be under her authority? 

But before Makima could continue thinking about building an authoritarian regime, she swiftly covered her mouth while quietly coughing. 

'Ehem, it's acting up again.'

However, aside from the whole world domination ordeal, there was one thing she also grasped. 

"I became Makima in MHA." 

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