Becoming Immortal Through Getting Married

Chen An transmigrated into the world of cultivating immortals. Relying on the fact that he was a transmigrator, he set himself a small goal of entering the foundation establishment stage in ten years. Unexpectedly, his talent in cultivation was extremely poor, and he was stuck at the third level of Qi refining for many years without making any further progress. After thirty years of hard work in cultivation, he returned as a beginner. He had wanted to pursue immortality, but in the end, he only learned alchemy. Seeing no hope in cultivation, he chose to return to ordinary life and married a wife to enjoy the pleasures of the mundane world. However, on the night of his wedding, he returned to the path of cultivating immortals. [Ding! Your system has been activated.] [Alchemy experience +1.] [Alchemy experience +1.] [Alchemy experience +1.] It turned out that marrying his wife and enjoying the pleasures of the mundane world was his path to becoming immortal. It allowed him to skip thousands of years of detours and directly become immortal.

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Chen An looked at the widow in front of him.

She looked to be in her early thirties. Although her appearance was not as charming as his three wives and concubines at home, her curvaceous figure was especially tempting. Her entire body exuded the aura of a young woman filled with experience.

He had some impression of this widow. She was a female Cultivator who lived in the sixth house on the right. Her name was Mo Lifang.

Her husband was a Cultivator at the seventh level of Qi Refining. He had died on the battlefield a few days ago.

Now, she only had a three-year-old son left to rely on.

"Alchemist Chen?"

Seeing that Chen An did not respond for a long time, Mo Lifang could not help but purse her sexy red lips that had been specially applied with rouge. She said softly with a pitiful expression.

Chen An only liked virgins. He could only reject her with a smile.