Becoming Grindelwald's Descendant and The Next Dark Lord

In a post-war wizarding world, where the Alliance Party—an organization that once stood for unity between magical beings—has fallen into obscurity, a young wizard named Wentworth emerges with a determination to resurrect its ideals. Wentworth's efforts to revive the Alliance Party are met with skepticism and resistance as old prejudices and grudges run deep within the wizarding community. However, his unwavering determination and ability to inspire hope gradually draw a diverse group of supporters to his cause. With Cedric by his side, Wentworth navigates through political intrigue, magical battles, and personal sacrifices. Ultimately, Wentworth’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of hope, resilience, and the belief that a united front can overcome even the darkest of odds. The Alliance Party’s revival becomes a symbol of progress, reminding all magical beings that their shared future is worth fighting for. This is a translated work with over 480 chapters The chapter will be updated every day on 23:00 GMT+7 You can read future 40 chapters ahead at [p][a][t][r][e][o][n].com/Scaramousse !

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Chapter 7 "Miss Cassandra"

As Wentworth and Rosier sat on the goblin roller coaster, they arrived in front of the underground vault door, which bore a striking Ouroboros relief.

"A drop of blood to the snake's eye, please, sir."

The goblin instructed Wentworth to offer a drop of blood to the snake's eyes.

With Rosier's help, Wentworth complied, and the Ouroboros, now named "Gaba," opened its mouth, revealing the passage inside.

As the door, sealed for decades, was opened, a brilliant golden light flooded the underground space of Gringotts.

Wentworth was mesmerized by the sight of the golden Galleons stacked before him.

The wealth was vast, and he couldn't spot any trace of Sickles or Knuts.

His astonishment grew as he noticed various treasures scattered haphazardly on the ground.

Wentworth marveled, "Are these all the properties of our Grindelwald family? It's unbelievable!"

Although he knew pure-blood families were generally wealthy, the sheer magnitude of the fortune still overwhelmed him.

Rosier, however, informed him that this was just a part of the Grindelwald family's wealth.

Similar vaults existed in Gringotts branches across Paris, Berlin, and New York.

"This richness is beyond imagination!" Wentworth exclaimed, still in disbelief.

"This is only a part of it; lots of it is scattered across the world."

Rosier explained that many family members voluntarily donated wealth to Wentworth's Grandfather, and those resources naturally became the Grindelwald family's.

"Our family is a bit too rich, don't you think, Grandma?" Wentworth asked.

"All of us donated part of our wealth to your Grandfather as a sign of our loyalty. Naturally, that resource will be used by you for the sake of the family." Rosier explained.

"For the greater good," Rosier added.

As they stepped out of Gringotts, Wentworth's cautious demeanor changed.

He was now more confident and less reserved.

Rosier observed this transformation with a nod of approval.

"Now, it's time to buy you a wand of your own!" Rosier declared, leading Wentworth forward.

However, their progress was halted by a commotion ahead.

Diagon Alley, already bustling with life, became even livelier.

Wentworth noticed many shop assistants running out of stores with items in their hands.

Then, a graceful girl with golden curly hair and dark green pupils appeared, flanked by two men in top hats and black trench coats.

"It's the Aurors from the Ministry of Magic," Rosier explained.

The shop assistants attempted to sell their most valuable items to the girl, Cassandra, who seemed uninterested.

"Miss Cassandra! This is the latest product in our store. Although it looks like an ordinary crane, you can use it to realize long-distance dream communication! It won't take long for our Crane to replace the owls!"

One shop assistant offered a thousand paper cranes to Cassandra, claiming they could enable long-distance dream communication.

As the clerk spoke, he handed the thousand paper cranes to the girl, but the girl frowned and said arrogantly, "Do you think I'm the kind of little girl who likes to play with dolls and origami paper cranes?!"

Cassandra's disdainful response caused her to throw away the Crane, which landed in Wentworth's hand, drawing everyone's attention.

"Miss Cassandra, the Crane flew away from your hand and landed on someone else's hand. The Crane had served its purpose!" The clerk said with a fiery passion.

"In the future, no matter what the young master writes on the paper crane, you will dream about it when you sleep!"

The shop assistant explained that the Crane was now activated, and anything written on it would be dreamt about by the person who received it.

Cassandra and Wentworth were taken aback by this revelation, and Cassandra blushed with embarrassment.

"Who are you kidding! You gave me this paper crane; it's from your hand!"

Before Cassandra said anything, she saw the clerk stretch out her hands.

The white gloves on her hands were so eye-catching.

"Miss Cassandra, look, the fee for this thousand paper cranes..."

"Liar! How dare you ask me for money on that useless thing! My father is from the Ministry of Magic. Do you want to live in Azkaban for the rest of your life?"

The shop assistant, apparently trying to charge Cassandra, received a stern response and threat of arrest from Cassandra, as her father worked at the Ministry of Magic.

Just as the clerk was about to leave, Wentworth stepped forward, expressing his admiration for the beautiful Crane, and offered to buy it.

"Wait a minute!"

Wentworth took two steps forward and asked gently, "This Crane is charming; I like it very much. How about this? I will buy this Crane... How much do you charge for it?"

The sudden change made the clerk overjoyed.

When the clerk left with the three gold Galleons that Wentworth gave him, the girl's voice sounded behind Wentworth.

"Hey, are you also a freshman at Hogwarts this year? Why are you helping him? It's obviously his fault!"

Wentworth turned his head and said warmly, "It's nothing; I just think this Crane looks pretty good!"

As they were leaving, Cassandra questioned Wentworth's assistance, but he simply replied warmly, stating he liked the Crane.

Cassandra curled her lips in disdain and said, "My name is Cassandra, the future pride of Slytherin's House."

"My name is Wentworth; I believe we haven't been assigned to any houses yet?" Wentworth replied in confusion.

Cassandra declared, "I must belong to Slytherin!"

Upon entering Ollivander's wand shop, Rosier continued advising Wentworth to explore the wands available before choosing one.

"Look at it first. If there is no suitable one, just pick one and use it temporarily. We can also go to Germany and find Gregorovitch!"

Ollivander appeared behind a cabinet and emphasized the connection between wizards, wands, and magic, regardless of location.

"Lady, I will not deny Gregorovitch is great at his craft. That is not the point! Do you know the importance of the connection between Wizards and their wands?"

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