2 Why Need a Girlfriend When You Have Hands?

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So this is the surprise Meng Hao was speaking of!

Zhou Kai sized the girl up.

Her facial features were nice, and her figure was lean. The sky was a little dark, but one could still see that her chest was quite voluptuous.

This is the type that I like. However, she looks a little familiar. I feel like I have seen her somewhere before.

As Zhou Kai tried recalling, the girl spoke again. "I'm sorry. I agreed to come because I wished to clarify that my friend was just joking about this matter. Nothing can happen between us. Please stop wasting time on us."

Zhou Kai: "…"


You mean that I… Oh, I remember now. This is the Qing girl who lived in the same dorm as Meng Hao's girlfriend.

One month ago, during a dorm gathering, Zhou Kai had spotted this girl and praised her for being very cute.

Unexpectedly, it seemed that Meng Hao had remembered this incident, which Zhou Kai himself had forgotten, and helped him arrange a date.

Alright, he is quite a good friend.

However, before doing something like this, shouldn't he have first found out what the girl's thoughts on this were?

Zhou Kai chuckled awkwardly. "I'm sorry, but there seems to be a misunderstanding. I do not know anything about this matter either. Meng Hao asked me to come here by saying that there would be a surprise. I did not expect this to be the surprise. I hope you will understand if this has caused you any sort of inconvenience. I personally had no intention of bothering you."

The girl, who was momentarily stunned, asked dubiously, "What about earlier?"

Zhou Kai smiled and replied, "Would you believe me if I said that I was trying to save a drowning person?"

The girl was speechless.

You came back up alone, yet you are still saying that you were trying to save someone? You're full of nonsense. You are evidently unreliable.

"I heard that someone drowned in Lake Liu before. I will leave first if there is nothing going on." As soon as she said that, she turned and left.

When he heard that, Zhou Kai's eyebrows rose. Someone had drowned. Could it have been that female spirit?

She was his miracle benefactor.

If his diving capability consistently increased by +1, what kind of miraculous change would occur?

After experiencing this +1 increase three times, Zhou Kai, who was now like a fish in water, looked forward to it very much.

"Hey, are you not leaving with me?" the girl suddenly asked.

Zhou Kai looked over. The girl had walked a few meters away and was currently looking over at him.

Zhou Kai smiled and said, "It's okay. You can leave first. I will sit here for a bit longer."

The girl's face sank.

It was not concerning that she had just mentioned that someone had drowned before. However, for some unknown reason, the street lamp in this area was broken. When night fell, it looked extremely spooky and frightened her as a result. If a guy was accompanying her, she would be able to muster the courage to leave.

Unfortunately, that guy was too straightforward. He had directly rejected her invitation!

Serves you right that you have no girlfriend.

The girl turned away unhappily and swiftly left.

Zhou Kai completely ignored her. Instead, he turned and looked at Lake Liu, in hopes that the female spirit would appear once more.

The night may be wet and cold, but it cannot dampen my burning desire!

10 years later, I have finally discovered an interesting and meaningful goal. I will no longer have to live my life aimlessly.

Unfortunately, his wish was not granted. The water spirit did not appear again, even though he waited for a long time.

Zhou Kai took his cell phone and wallet and left disappointedly.

Before he got back to his dorm, his cell phone rang. A glance at the screen showed him that the caller was Meng Hao.

Zhou Kai raised his eyebrows and accepted the call. "Meng Hao, what is up with that Qing girl?"

Meng Hao replied in disgruntlement. "That's what I wanted to ask you. Why did you not seize the chance I fought to help you attain? Little Ru called me and said that you deserved to still be single."

Zhou Kai's face sank. "Me? What's wrong with me? The moment that girl came, she immediately informed me that she had zero interest in me and wanted me to stop daydreaming. I was really confused. Even if you want to introduce someone to me, don't do something like this. I was so unprepared that there is no way it would have succeeded."

Meng Hao said, "It was Little Ru who asked me not to tell you. She wanted it to be real and natural. I did as I was told because I wanted to help you stop being single. Also, how could you allow a girl to walk home alone at night? This is not love at first sight. If you had performed well, you would still have been able to win her heart."

Zhou Kai replied helplessly, "Alright, Mr. Meng. It does not matter who is right or wrong in this case. Let sleeping dogs lie. In the future, don't try to introduce people to me. You should be aware of my situation. My life is quite tough already, and there is no way I could afford to spend money on a girl."

Meng Hao lamented bitterly. "You will definitely regret it in the future if you don't get into a relationship in university."

Zhou Kai could not be bothered to continue chatting with him, so he hung up the call.

Regret it?

I will only regret getting into a relationship. Time and money will be wasted. Once I graduate from university, I will also lose the girl. Why should I make myself suffer through all that? My hands are full enough.

Upon returning to the dorm, he saw that there was no one there. After all, it was the weekend. His dorm mates had all gone out.

Zhou Kai showered, changed clothes, and lay back down on the bed. Then, he took out his cell phone and searched for drowning incidents in the park.

There was indeed one that had occurred on the 4th day of the previous month. A couple had had a fight beside the lake. The girl had wanted to buy a necklace that cost a few thousand dollars, but the guy had refused to budge no matter what. The girl had then threatened to jump into the lake, but the guy had not believed that she would actually do it. In the end, she had jumped.

This had originally been an argument, but for some reason, she had jumped and drowned. This had caused quite a ruckus in society at that point in time.

The girl in the photo was indeed the female spirit who had wanted to drown him.

Zhou Kai usually would not watch the news, so he was naturally unaware of this incident. Otherwise, he might not have jumped in the lake in an attempt to save somebody.

However, on the other hand, the situation was different now.

A water spirit had allowed him to attain a diving ability that was akin to a fish's. If this capability continued to increase, perhaps an even more miraculous change would occur.

Since there were water spirits, this meant that other kinds of spirits existed as well.

There could be spirits of people who had died by falling, getting poisoned, being burned, having car accidents, going hungry, getting ill, abusing alcohol, and so on. People died in many different, bizarre ways. Nothing was impossible. What kind of ability would he obtain if he encountered these spirits?

If he accumulated and improved numerous abilities, he might become an omnipotent god!

The moment this train of thought started, it continued running. He started thinking about outrageous things, and a silly grin appeared on his face.

Ring, ring…

His cell phone suddenly rang.

Zhou Kai woke up from his stupor. After taking a close look, he discovered that it was his class's QQ chat group. Guo Xiaodong had tagged everyone and sent a video.

Out of curiosity, he took a look at it. It was a video of a relatively big fire that engulfed two stories of a building.

Guo Xiaodong's voice could be heard in the video. "Look, this is the live scene of a fire breaking out on Gongxi Road in the Jiuzhou Mall. This seems to be the second fire that started this year. Let us pray for the owner of the mall, who has faced two such unlucky incidents in the same year."

Then, numerous classmates appeared on the chat to discuss this.

"How scary! Sending prayers!"

"It is really unlucky. The owner could consider changing jobs. After all, two huge fires broke out in the same year."

"Serves him right. I heard that the previous fire was started by a supplier whose business was sabotaged because the company refused to pay them. Unfortunately, the arsonist burned himself to death, but the mall remained relatively unharmed. This time, it should be karma."

"That's not right. I heard that the products provided by the supplier could not meet the standards and almost caused someone to die."

"None of these cunning businessmen is a good person."


Zhou Kai watched the video and suddenly discovered something. After taking a close look at it, he sucked in a deep breath.

To him, the outline of the blazing fire looked like a barbarous face.

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