Becoming Dungeon Fodder

[WPC 318- Dungeon] The world became a mess, with various gates opening everywhere. When special squads made by the government went in there, they could find different creatures inside it; some looked humanoid, while some were the embodiment of true beasts. There was panic everywhere, but it all went away when the special squads returned with a unique gift; they had started manifesting powers; some became very strong, while others had unbelievable powers looking like magic in real life. It all happened by killing the creatures inside the gates that humanity came to call 'dungeons.' After that, people started getting a 'system' telling them how strong they were. Just like that, several centuries passed, with humanity gaining superiority again. Kyle was also an ordinary evolver until a lousy situation led him to become a completely different entity he had never imagined. Follow his journey of unveiling the mysteries behind the so-called 'System'

sahejRocks · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
173 Chs

The investigation

The skeletons that were sent by Kyle had gone in literally every direction, will it be the territory of the demon lord, the Dwarves, The kobolds, or the elves.

In the Elven territory near the tree of life, there was a meeting going on in which every elder was present, the front liners were also there looking at some broken bone structures in the front of the table.

*"What kind of an abomination is this, never seen anything like this before." A very old man said while massaging his beard. A woman with some shiny clothes on came towards the corpse and the table where ten of the elders were sitting.

The elf girl had long, flowing hair that was as dark as the night sky. Her almond-shaped eyes were a piercing shade of green, and her delicate features were framed by pointy ears that were a telltale sign of her elven heritage.

  She wore a flowing gown of shimmering silver gown adorned with intricate patterns and symbols representing her family and clan.