becoming Dipper in Gravity falls isn’t So bad ,is it??(rewriting)

Synopsis: A human from Earth died after participating in a suspicious online survey. What will he do in the world of "Gravity Falls" as Dipper Pines with only Dr. Vegapunk's intelligence and scientific knowledge as weapons? author's note: gravity falls is not mine and this story is just for fun and the same goes for the cover image of this fanfic

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Chapter 1: Being Dipper Pines has advantages

Author's P.O.V

It was the beginning of summer and Dipper and Mabel's parents decided to send them to their uncle in the town of Gravity Falls.

Seated on a bus, there were two children who could be between 11 or 12 years old who were sleeping because of the long journey.

Currently, the boy next to the young girl seemed troubled in his sleep, but this was from an outside perspective since in reality an unknown soul was confronting the boy's soul for complete control of the body.

Unfortunately for the young boy's soul, the unknown soul took over and devoured it.

This allowed the unknown soul to inherit everything the young boy's soul had, such as memories or emotions, but it was not greatly influenced by it.

After a few minutes, the young boy woke up with a start on the bus, which caused the young girl next to him to wake up as well.

"Did you have a nightmare Dipper?" Mabel asked with a teasing smile.

"Of course not," Dipper instantly refuted instinctively while avoiding her gaze by reflex.

"Okay, okay, if you say so," she replied, shrugging her shoulders before starting to look for something in their belongings.

"It seems it wasn't a dream," Dipper thought, frowning.

Not even a minute ago, he had answered an online survey and after finishing, his computer had exploded violently.

"If I became Dipper in 'Gravity Falls", then I must have also gotten the benefits I asked for in the survey", he calmly analyzed the situation while looking at his hand.

When he was still on earth, he had to fill out an online survey. At that time, Peter Thomson or the soul who took over Dipper Pines' body had requested to be reincarnated in his next life as Dipper Pines.

Of course, that wasn't all since he also asked to obtain the "Vegapunk essence" which should normally give him the intelligence of vegapunk scientist, his memory, his IQ and also the ability of his flawless fruit.

This is also one of the reasons why Dipper has not panicked excessively since his reincarnation since he has the memory of the original Dipper but also the intellect of vegapunk.

"Luckily, I can pass for Dipper thanks to these memories and this world is really interesting," he mentally concluded, looking out the window with a slight smile of anticipation.

"I can't wait to meet Uncle Stan, I really need to go to the bathroom," Mabel said with a red face.

"So this is the famous logic of the fictional world?" Dipper thought, fascinated by these phenomena unfolding before him.


Dipper's P.O.V

Things happened quickly after Mabel and I arrived in Gravity Falls.

First, I was able to meet Uncle Stan who was passing himself off as our Uncle Ford.

I remember that Uncle Ford is currently stuck in another dimension due to a slight accident and the person in front of Mabel and me is his brother.

I really don't know how to view this situation since surprisingly for so many years no one has managed to unmask Uncle Stan.

Apart from his incredible acting talent, Stan is truly a miserly and incredibly crooked man.

To give an example, on our first day in Gravity Falls, Mabel and I had canned beans for dinner.

There is also the huge scam that is "the Mystery Shack".

Apart from that, I was able to get to know all the employees of "the Mystery Shack" who are extremely friendly, especially Soos Ramirez.

Today, I'm outside hitting the trees around the Mystery Shack despite Stan wanting to give me chores.

"No, that's not the one," I muttered, shaking my head in disappointment.

I was looking for Uncle Ford's journal, precisely number 3, in order to facilitate my adventure in this seemingly simple but complicated universe.

I know that with Vegapunk's intelligence and my knowledge of this universe, I could defeat Bill Cipher but after??

I do want to beat Bill Cipher and dominate this universe, but there are huge gray areas in the "Gravity Falls" universe like the Axolotl and not to mention the theories of some randoms who say that this place is connected to "Rick and Morty" or even Amphibia and The Owl House.

Thinking about all this, I can't help but have multiversal concerns and ambitions that excite me.

After a few minutes under the scorching summer sun, I finally hit the right tree since it made a metallic sound.

I opened the tree as in my memories from the anime to finally come across a small machine.

After a few manipulations, as expected, a small trap appeared on the ground not far from my location.

"There, I can truly begin my ascent in this world safely," I said, sketching a small disturbing smile that did not match my youthful face.

Since my arrival in this universe, I hope to be something more than my past life.

"In my world of origin, I was at the bottom of the food chain, but this time it will be different," I mentally declared while searching for a particular page in the journal that will be very useful to me.

After a few seconds of searching, I finally found the image showing a crystal that according to the description increases or reduces size.

After memorizing the coordinates shown in the journal, I put the book in a small bag I had brought with me for this specific purpose and headed towards that area of the forest.

During the next few minutes, I had to cross the woods which was an awful experience since I realized the horrible endurance of this body.

"I'm here," I said excitedly and satisfied to have arrived earlier than expected.

The place resembled a magnificent clearing with several crystals that gave a fairytale-like image.

I quickly picked up a conveniently sized crystal before putting it in my bag.

"I'll attach it to my flashlight later," I thought as I left the place, satisfied with my harvest.

With this, I won't need to worry about money problems for my future experiments and my future base since I'll just have to enlarge the size of a piece of gold to that of a rock.


"Dipper, I introduce you to Norman," Mabel declared, clearly excited to have a "boyfriend".

Dipper couldn't help but sigh at the sight of these gnomes disguised as teenagers to find a queen among humans.

"Mabel, will you allow me to talk with Norman between MEN," I asked, insisting on the word men and taking my flashlight modified with the crystal.

"Doesn't that pose a problem for you Norman?" Mabel asked Norman who clearly had blood on his cheek.

"Nnnno... No...P..problem," Norman said with difficulty.

"Great, so if you'll excuse us Mabel, Norman and I need to talk," I said, quickly leaving with Norman behind the Mystery Shack.

"Okay guys, I know you're gnomes," I declared without beating around the bush as I turned to face "Norman".

"No... we... we are NORMAL," Norman quickly stammered, waving his hands in denial.

"What do you mean, we?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at Norman.

"Okay okay you got us my little buddy," Norman or the individual who identified as such expressed.

After sighing, "Norman" took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed his true identity.

"How did you know about us?" the gnome at the head of the group that together constituted the teenager named "Norman" asked.

"It's simple, I just have a good IQ," Dipper explained with a shrug.

"Can you guys look for another queen elsewhere?" I directly asked, trying the diplomacy option.

I knew there was little chance it would work since in the original story they had tried to kidnap Mabel, but every civilized creature tries to negotiate first, right?

"Sorry little buddy but we really need a queen right now," the gnome who seemed to be the leader replied.

"Otherwise, my name is Jeff and..." before he could continue, I shrank him with the crystals attached to my flashlight.

"I'll give you back your size only if I get a guarantee from you that you'll never bother Mabel again," I declared firmly while capturing the gnomes who were now the size of small dolls.

"Stop stop, please calm down, we can find an arrangement," one of the gnomes pleaded, in my hands.

"Okay, let's talk like civilized beings," I declared with a small smile that seemed to have had a negative effect on these little gnomes.


Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this chapter and yes, the new Dipper will be effective in dealing with the "anomalies" within his universe