Becoming Cove Luna Book

novel - Fantasy

Becoming Cove Luna

Eliza Selmer

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  • 77 Chs

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Danica Robinson was your average teenager. She lived happily with her adoptive mother Martha, had amazing friends, and her life was pretty comfortable. That was until the night of her eighteenth birthday. That was the day he came crashing into her life like a ton of bricks. Mason Thompson, well known bad boy, shrouded in mystery, and oh so tempting looks. After that day Danica's world changed forever. Her once simple and ordinary days turned to one's filled with creatures that should only exist in picture books and come to find out she was one of them! With the help of Mason and his pack she begins to learn about the side of her that she never even knew was there as an unknown darkness begins to wreak havoc on her world. Together they will fight to end the threat and bring peace back to their everyday life.