Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

With the birth of Romo’s 18th generation descendant, something beyond the realm of consciousness has been awakened! Romo Nicholas had been dead for more than 500 years. He has just been forcefully revived by the System called the Ancestral Simulator. To his shock, someone is plundering his descendant Little Arthur’s luck! Romo has to save him! But how? The System has only revived his spirit but not his body. He is now without the magical powers he had as a powerful Mage in his previous life. After his death, his Nicholas family clan has fallen into dire straits and fled to Winterfrost, a desolate place, where they have been oppressed by the two large local family clans in Winterfrost. Sinister forces are plotting against his descendants. Romo can only rely on the System, exchanging Faith Points from the worship by his descendants for Meditation Techniques, Luck Points, Magic Pills, Talismans, Magic Weapons etc. Can he, the Old Ancestor, who remains stuck in his tablet in the ancestral hall, save his clan, protect and prosper his descendants?

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398 Chs

Someone Wants to Snatch My Descendant's Luck

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Every node had a name, and the uppermost name was Romo himself. This was their family genealogy.

The names on top, including his, were all in gray, indicating that they were all dead. Only 23 names below were lit, and the name of the head of the family was in bold. Romo clicked open the name of the current family head, and the screen instantly changed once more.

[Name: Norton, Nicholas]

[Gender: Male]

[Age: 70]

[Identity: Current family head. 15th generation descendant.]

[Profession: Mage]

[Level: 8]

[Magical Power Aptitude: Level 3 (5 levels in total. Level 1 is the lowest, Level 5 is the highest)]

[Luck Level: Intermediate]

[Magical Equipment: None]

Damn! This is the current head of the family? He's way too weak; he's only a level-8 Mage at the age of seventy? When I was alive, even our family servants were stronger than him.

Back then, he had left behind a silver-tier meditation technique.

Even if it had been a pig that cultivated itself using his silver-tier meditation technique, it would certainly not be at level-8 only by the age of seventy. What was going on with him?

With a thought, more information appeared before Romo.

Waterfall Meditation Technique? Water Bullet Technique, Waterfall Technique, Water Curtain? These were all bronze-tier meditation techniques and magical powers. What about the silver-tier meditation technique which he had left behind for them? Could it have already been lost?

The meditation techniques and magical powers in this world were basically divided into bronze-tier, silver-tier and gold-tier. Every tier was further divided into high, middle, and low grades. The higher the tier of the technique, the greater the effect and power from cultivating the technique.

Although he did not obtain the higher gold-tier technique in his previous life, he had more than one silver-tier technique. But now, it was obvious that they had all been lost. They were really a bunch of wastrels.

Romo then checked the assets of the family clan. After he had seen the strength of the family head, Romo no longer held much hope for the assets of the family clan.

As expected, apart from some properties and ordinary assets like stores, there were almost none of the magical power cultivation assets. There were no magical items.

As for magic potions, there was only the Magic Pill, which was the lowest grade of magic potions. And it was only the kind that could speed up the recovery of magical power, one of the lowest grade pills. Its effect was negligible, just slightly better than nothing. In the past, Romo would not even care to take a look at such a pill. But now, it was the only kind available in the family clan, and there were only more than 10 of them.

Other kinds of Magic Pills, the kinds that could speed up meditation, increase magical power aptitude, or temporarily increase magical power; they had none of those.

There was the Magic Stone, which was the most important to Magi. The Magic Stone was a type of spiritual stone with magical power. During meditation, one could absorb the magical power from the Magic Stone to accelerate cultivation. It was an essential item for all Magi. At the same time, it was also a magic currency used for the purchase of magical items and magic portions. In the past, Romo had at least 10,000 Magic Stones with him.

However, there were just 89 Magic Stones now, not even 100; they were really pathetically poor. He had built such a powerful family clan with his own hands, but now, they had ruined it. Romo was speechless. What a bunch of useless descendants! Yet, he could not blame them entirely.

Romo had obtained a lot of information from the System earlier, including information on the historical changes of the family clan. This had enabled Romo to know the causes of their decline into such a sorry state. To a large extent, Romo had been the cause.

In the past, Romo had to overcome numerous obstacles, and he offended many powerful enemies in his path.

When he was alive, those enemies dared not provoke him. But when he died, they sprang out and started to make all kinds of things difficult for his family clan. They openly and covertly attacked his family in retaliation. Although the attacks did not wipe out his family clan directly, they were gradually eaten away. The overall strength of his family clan declined year after year.

And a hundred years ago, several rival family clans joined hands and launched a devastating sneak attack on their family clan, intending to wipe out their entire family clan in one go.

In the end, after a brutal battle, the head and almost all the elites of the family clan were killed in battle. Only a few clansmen managed to escape, and they fled all the way to this desolate place, Winterfrost. As this was far away from the Holy Light City, they were able to escape the pursuit of their enemies and continue their faith here. Otherwise, they would have been annihilated in the extermination battle a hundred years ago, and would not have perpetuated till now, the birth of their 18th generation descendant. The System would not have activated and Romo naturally, would not have awakened.

After that time, their family clan lost all their trump cards. They became practically penniless and were left with only a bronze-tier meditation technique.

And in that extermination battle, the faith their family had accumulated for hundreds of years was also completely exhausted. The 100,000 plus Faith Points they had now were accumulated only after they had moved here.

The power of faith was a very magical thing. It was a magical force produced when the descendants of a family clan worshipped the ancestors. It could not be seen or touched, but when the descendants of the family clan encountered danger, the power of faith would activate and protect the descendants. But as the activation was passive, its effect was only less than a tenth.

However, now that Romo had been revived and even had the System, he could put the faith to precise and effective use according to his will.

He looked at the 100,000 plus Faith Points accumulated by his descendants after they had relocated here. His descendants were all not bad. Even after experiencing so much hardship and difficult situations, they still had not forgotten him, their Old Ancestor. They had not stopped their worship and offer of sacrifices.

As their Old Ancestor, Romo had to protect these descendants, so that they could live better lives. Just as Romo was about to study the use of faith, he suddenly sensed something. He abruptly raised his head, and his gaze penetrated the wall of the ancestral hall and looked up into the sky. A green beam of light had descended from the sky and enveloped a room.

And that room was where Romo's 18th generation descendant had just been born.

This… This is… Heaven's favor? This is luck!

After a slight shock, it became clear to Romo what the green beam of light was. This was the light of providence descending from the heavens. With the blessing of luck, this was Destiny's Child.

In future, no matter what he did, he would be able to achieve twice the results with half the effort. Everything would be very smooth, as if he had divine help. Not only would his family become prosperous, which would be the most basic, he might even become the protagonist of this world and the legend of a generation.

Romo was extremely excited. He had never thought that such a Destiny's Child would actually be born into his family. He would have to nurture him carefully in the future.

However, at this moment, something unexpected had happened. A twisted black light struck and wrapped itself immediately around the beam of green light, as if about to sweep away the light of luck.

Romo was greatly alarmed. Someone was trying to snatch his descendant's luck!!!