12 Impartation

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"This is all of the Seven Kills Meditation Technique. Have you memorized it?"

"Old Ancestor, I've remembered everything," Norton said respectfully.

Romo nodded and continued to impart many other techniques, spells, and magic potion formulas. This was all the knowledge Romo had when he was alive. His family clan also had a backup copy, but it had been lost later on. Now was the perfect time to impart everything to him in his dream.

As a level-9 Mage, Norton's mental strength was very powerful. Although he could not understand everything that Romo had said, he had no problem remembering them. Even so, after trying his best to memorize for an entire night, Norton's head was aching. He could not carry on anymore.

Upon seeing this, Romo knew that he was almost done imparting the knowledge, so he stopped. The knowledge and cultivation techniques would suffice for them to digest for a while.

After Norton had rested for a while, Romo said, "I also have a method here to make soap. Remember the formula. This is a daily necessity that every household needs. If you can make this, it can earn a lot of money."

The method of making soap was also a product of the System. Romo directly slapped it into Norton's head. Norton thought for a moment and knew the method to make soap and the use of soap. He knew that this stuff was very valuable and was instantly overjoyed.

"Thank you, Old Ancestor." Norton kowtowed again.

"Well, in terms of business ability, Sonia is the strongest in the family. You can let her handle the soap business, and you'll definitely make a lot of money. Also, her husband, Jack, is a useful person. He's very loyal to our family, so you can use him without worry."

Romo reminded him that Sonia's husband, Jack, had also participated in the ancestral worship ritual. He had contributed 20 Faith Points and was as devout as Norton. This showed Jack's loyalty to the Nicholas family.

"You don't have to worry about the Great Archmage who plundered little Arthur's luck. I've already dealt with that person. Even if he did not die, he would have been severely injured. He won't cause any trouble for you for the time being."

This unknown Great Archmage enemy had been a huge weight in Norton's heart. Now that he heard the Old Ancestor had already injured him, and he would not come to make trouble for them, his worry was instantly reduced by a great deal, and he was exceptionally grateful.

"Also, from now on, hold a clan-wide ancestral worship ritual every month, and worship more often on regular days."

"Understood, Old Ancestor. Do you have any other instructions?" Norton asked respectfully.

"No, that's all for now. Let's call it a day." With that said, Romo's golden light dimmed, and he was about to leave Norton's dream.

Norton immediately shouted, "Old Ancestor, if there's anything in the future, how shall I contact you?"

"I will always protect the family clan. If anything happens, I will know and visit you in your dream. Don't worry!"

The voice drifted away and gradually faded.

In Norton's room, Norton sat up from his bed. His sight was a little blurry at first, but it quickly regained clarity. Then, he felt a sense of loss. Ah, so it was just a dream.

How good would it have been if what happened in the dream was real? The Old Ancestor had imparted many high-tier cultivation techniques to him in the dream. These cultivation techniques were enough to increase the strength of their family clan in a short period of time. At least, they would not be oppressed by the other two family clans to the point that they could not breathe. Especially the Wave Meditation Technique, which was a high-grade silver-tier meditation technique.

As he thought of the Wave Meditation Method, the cultivation technique started to work without him realizing it. Instantly, a layer of strong magical power appeared around Norton. Norton was stunned.

"This… this…"

He felt the strong magical power in his body, and there in his hand was the ninth magic rune which had been condensed in his dream. He was stunned for a moment, and then he became ecstatic.

Is this cultivation technique actually real?! My strength has indeed advanced to a level-9 Mage!

Did this mean that the Old Ancestor had really imparted so many cultivation techniques to him?

"Master, what are you doing?" asked Susan, Norton's wife, who had woken up and seen Norton condensing magic runes.

Norton quickly put away his cultivation technique and the magic rune disappeared. He turned to his wife Susan and said excitedly, "Susan, hit me quickly."

"Huh? Are you okay? You're so worked up late at night and you want me to hit you?" Susan looked at Norton doubtfully.

"Aiya, I told you to hit me, just do so. I want to see if I'm dreaming right now," Norton said anxiously.

Upon hearing, Susan had no choice but to pinch him with her fingers. Feeling the pain in his arm, Norton became even more excited.

It is painful. This means that this is not a dream! Oh my god! The Old Ancestor has really appeared and imparted cultivation techniques to me in my dream!

Apart from the high-grade silver-tier Wave Meditation Technique, there was also the medium-grade silver-tier Seven Kills Meditation Technique, as well as some other offensive magical power and other knowledge. No, he must record them down immediately. If he forgot any of them, it would be a great loss.

With this thought, Norton got off the bed without even putting on his shoes. He walked to the desk, picked up the swan-quill pen, and started to write quickly.

"Master, put on your shirt, otherwise, you'll catch a cold." Susan quickly caught up with Norton and draped his shirt over his body. She felt that Norton the old man must be hysterical, otherwise, why would he suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and want her to hit him? Why was he writing so furtively? It must be because the family had run into too many difficulties recently, and Master was under great pressure. Sigh…

Susan's heart ached as she thought of this. She stayed by his side after she had given Norton his shirt.

Norton wrote one sheet after another. It was not until noon that he finished writing down what his ancestor had imparted to him in his dream.

He immediately sorted the sheets out. The first copy was the Wave Meditation Technique. Seeing that it was identical to the meditation technique imparted in the dream, he became even more excited. There were also some other things, and he had also recorded them completely down.

Looking at Norton's excited expression, Susan asked, "Master, what are these that you have written?"

"This is the hope for our family clan to rise up!" Norton said excitedly.

Susan did not question further. She had never asked about the matters in the family clan. All she needed to do was to serve Norton well. She said, "Master, you better eat something quickly."

Norton looked up and saw that it was already bright outside. He had experienced so many things that night, and his stomach was already rumbling with hunger. However, he did not have the time to eat now. He said immediately, "I'm not eating. Quick, get my bath ready and a new change of clothes for me. I want to go to the ancestral hall to thank the Old Ancestor. Oh, and give instructions to call all the clansmen back."

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