Becoming A Zombie King After Regression

After being betrayed by his so called family, teammates and lover, Jiang Rong was left to die in the mouth of zombies with only the person whom he had never cared for by his side. Ye Xuan a junior from college whom he had forgotten about had always loved and cared for him but Jiang Rong never looked his way not even once, but looked at the white eyed wolf whom he thought he loved and loved him back. After he was regressed back by a spirit guardian of a space which he never knew he had not until his death and after his regression, his regression which wasn’t complete due to some circumstances turning him into half human half zombie. Jiang Rong thought it didn’t matter since he gets to redo it and set everything right, all he had in his mind was to find Ye Xuan and protect him this time around and live a good life together.

Hawa_Kim · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
18 Chs

Ch. 18

"Hahaha, sounding confident than actual demeanor. I have you to thank for awakening my full potential" The voice rang around jiang Rong.


A mist of shadow appeared behind him as his opponent came out of it holding a long machete. Instinct kicked into jiang Rong while he backflipped— narrowly evading the attack.

In his hands were various seeds which he sent lots and made them grow towards his opponent who kept slashing them into pieces. Out of the blues his opponent vanished again which made him frowned, appearing behind jiang Rong that mist of shadow.