Chapter 60 Six Draws, Moving House _2

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Very strange indeed.

After making his sarcastic remark, Link directed his attention to the "Designated Talent" upgrade card.

Only then did Link find out that a specific talent card could be designated for an upgrade.

Of the three talent cards, the "Botany Talent" had been of great assistance in the early stages, and continued to aid in Potion Study and Alchemy Pharmacy afterward.

After all, plants are the primary source of potion ingredients.

The "Magic Apothecary" talent is the core aid in gaining "Academic Points" and Magic Stones.

The fact that Link could quickly get to grips with Potion Study and Alchemy Pharmacy, becoming a qualified Pharmacist and Potion Development Specialist, is largely due to the "Magic Apothecary" talent.

However, if Link had to pick one from the three to upgrade, it would undoubtedly be the "Spell Casting Talent."

After a Wizard Apprentice is promoted to an Official Wizard, they will further their education at the Senior Division for a year.