Chapter 60 Six Draws, Moving House _1

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The first day of the new term.

Link was very happy because he had moved.

He had switched from a communal dormitory building to a detached villa near the Boundary Lake.

How could an official wizard live with wizard apprentices?

It would be beneath him!

The academy hadn't moved him earlier simply because it had been a holiday period, the management was on vacation, and the administrative system was not running smoothly.

Hadn't the Main Tower Spirit had the intelligent puppet tidy up the villa long ago?

He still had to wait for the relevant leaders to approve, didn't he?

Having relocated, Link didn't waste any time and continued to study the knowledge of the second, third, and fourth grades in the lakeside laboratory.

After a full day of intense studying, he went back to the villa.

The Intelligent Puppet Butler kindly reminded him that the academy had sent a new meditation technique.

Link was asked to check it immediately.

With a double joy, Link was even happier.