Becoming a Sage Starts From Condensing the Essence of Time

Just now, a female sword immortal flew past you on her sword, and you looked up. You caught a glimpse of the female sword immortal from a hundred years ago who slew a demon dragon in the Boundless Eastern Sea. She was at the pinnacle of her power in the mortal realm, and you felt something in your heart, condensing the essence of time into the technique of "Dragon Slayer." Just now, an old beggar passed by you, and you glanced at him. You caught a glimpse of the old beggar from three hundred years ago who knocked on the tightly closed gates of heaven with his dog-beating stick, laughing at the immortals in the sky. You condensed the essence of time into the technique of "God Beater." Just now, a scholar asked you for a sip of wine, and you squinted at him. You observed the scholar from five hundred years ago who studied the sword by lamplight at night, dressed in white. On the battlefield at the border, he decapitated countless members of the enemy race, his aura engulfing the vast land like a ferocious beast. You condensed the essence of time into the technique of "Enduring Spirit." ...... An Le traveled through time to this chaotic world, where life was fragile and worthless. Fortunately, An Le could see the past experiences of others, whether glorious, sorrowful, or helpless, and then condense them into the essence of time to make himself stronger. As a young practitioner, he cultivated his spirit and accumulated the essence of time. With a calm and peaceful heart, he quietly knocked on the door of cultivation, peacefully becoming a sage.

Li Hongtian · Eastern
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260 Chs

Beginning Cultivation, Constable Requests Painting

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There was an additional column on the light screen, which should have appeared after An Le mastered the "Qi Drawing Breathing Technique".

However, what made An Le even more curious was the 0 wisp notification behind the Qi Drawing Breathing Technique.

There was also a notification (0/10 wisps) behind the Cultivation Genius Dao Fruit, but it was different from the breathing technique.

Was this the upper limit of growth?

Using wisps as a unit, could he add spiritual energy? Or should he wait to add Age Qi?

An Le's heart skipped a beat. With a thought, he added a wisp of Age Qi to the Qi Drawing Breathing Technique column.

As expected, a thought appeared.

The light screen changed.

[Cultivation Technique: Qi Drawing Breathing Technique (1 wisp)]

In the Age Qi column, there was only one wisp left.

'What's changed?'

An Le frowned slightly, closed his eyes, and began to circulate the breathing technique again.

Just as he closed his eyes, a wisp of gray Age Qi immediately burned and dissipated in front of him. An image of Fairy Yun Rou, who still looked like a little girl, sitting cross-legged and circulating the breathing technique appeared.

Very quickly, Yun Rou finished circulating the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Accompanied by Yun Rou's cheers, the scene gradually disappeared.

An Le immediately opened his eyes. He, who was originally a little obscure about breathing techniques, immediately mastered it with great familiarity. He even successfully attracted a wisp of heaven and earth spiritual energy and swallowed it into his body, circulating it in his meridians.


He was overjoyed!

He continued to circulate the technique. In less than a breath or two, another wisp of blue spiritual energy was extracted!

An Le was even more certain of his speculation and understanding of the Age Qi.

This was the first time she had absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Although it was not a very glorious moment for Yun Rou, it was still a moment worth recording.

Thus, this moment was worth recording and condensed into Age Qi.

Through this Age Qi, An Le could sense and even replicate Yun Rou's cultivation state at all times, allowing him to master the breathing technique with familiarity.

An Le was in high spirits and his eyes were burning.

When he truly analyzed the function of the Age Qi, An Le's heart burned with passion. He wished he could immediately rush to the West Lake and hug Fairy Yun Rou to take a deep breath!

In any case, he had only discovered that Fairy Yun Rou had Age Qi on her, so he would catch her and take her for himself.

The more Age Qi… the better!

Calming down the excitement in his heart, An Le did not choose to use the other wisp of Age Qi on the Cultivation Genius Dao Fruit. Instead, he stood up and began to punch in the room.

This was the simplified version of Zhao Zu's Long Fist which only had three moves left.

Martial arts were not easy after all. Even if there were only three punches, An Le did not fight well at the beginning. Although he knew how to fight in his head, he changed when he executed it.

However, with the enhancement of the Cultivation Genius Dao Fruit, he could barely fight well after practicing almost three times.

At the same time, a new column appeared on the screen.

[Skill: Zhao Zu's Long Fist (Incomplete) (0 wisp)]

After some thought, he added the remaining wisp of Age Qi on Zhao Zu's Long Fist.

Gray Age Qi burned as a scene appeared in front of him.


Snow was falling.

Little Yun Rou, who was dressed in cotton clothes, was facing a little boy. It was obvious that the two of them were challenging each other to a duel as if they were fighting on the summit of the Forbidden City.

With an angry shout, Little Yun Rou rushed out and used the familiar Zhao Zu's Long Fist. Three consecutive punches made the little boy's nose bleed. He sat on the ground and cried. Little Yun Rou was like a general who had won a battle. She placed her hands on her hips and raised her head proudly.

The scene then disappeared.

An Le didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Fairy Yun Rou used Zhao Zu's Long Fist to beat the little boy until he cried. How could this be included in her highlights?

However, judging from Little Yun Rou's expression, she might have been quite pleased with herself at that time.

After the skill was imbued with a wisp of Age Qi, An Le seemed to have followed Little Yun Rou through the long river of time, displaying the essence and understanding of Zhao Zu's Long Fist.

He stood up and practiced punching in the room. He went from knowing nothing to mastering it.

Unfortunately, there were only three punches.

An Le was filled with regret. He thought to himself that he had to collect more perfect cultivation methods in the future.

However, the truly perfect cultivation methods could not be bought casually in the bookstore. They were all gathered between the major cultivation sects or the cultivation forces established by the Imperial Court.

Of course, some black markets could also buy and sell cultivation manuals, but the price was very high. At the very least, An Le, whose rent was now a problem, could forget about it.

"I'm short of money, I'm still short of money. Even if I have a cheat, I can't do anything without money." An Le had a headache.

A penny can stump a hero.

However, he quickly thought of something. Now that he had absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and stepped onto the path of cultivation, he wondered if he could register with the government and receive money.

He had at least 30 taels of silver a month. Although it was far from enough to buy real cultivation books, at least it could allow him to rent without a problem.

He turned his head to look at the sky. The sun had risen in the east, and he was engrossed in cultivation. Unknowingly, the night had passed.

An Le did not sleep anymore. After washing up, he planned to go to the government office to see if he could receive money.

However, before he could leave, there was a knock on the door.

"Young Master An, are you there?"

From the sound of it, it was the waiter of the inn.

"What is it?" An Le asked in confusion.

"There is an official looking for you. Young Master, you should come down."

The waiter of the inn hurriedly said.

An Le was stunned. An official was looking for him?

He didn't do anything bad that violated the laws of Great Zhao, right… When he came to the capital, most of the time, he would go to the West Lake to watch the boats and try to freeload. Could it be that freeloading was illegal?

An Le calmly opened the door and left with the waiter.

In this day and age, the commoners were still a little afraid of officials.

After learning that the official was looking for An Le, the waiter in the inn, who thought that An Le had done something wrong, involuntarily distanced himself.

When they reached the bottom of the inn, there was a dining area with a few tables and benches.

A burly figure in a constable's uniform, with a knife at his waist, sat boldly on a bench, drinking a bowl of wine.

When An Le walked down, the constable's gaze immediately swept over. His burning gaze was like a ball of fire, and An Le could even feel a burning sensation.

This was a sign that his Qi Blood was strong.

However, what really made An Le stare at the constable was that he actually saw two wisps of Age Qi lingering on this constable!

Unlike Fairy Yun Rou, who had more than ten wisps on her, this constable only had two wisps.

Why was there such a difference?

An Le pondered for a moment and guessed that it might be because of the difference in cultivation.

Although this constable was a cultivator, his cultivation realm should not be high. On the other hand, Fairy Yun Rou had already condensed an Inner Core at the age of 18.

Therefore, the higher one's cultivation level was, the more one could accumulate the records of the Age Qi?

The constable stared at An Le, his eyes flashing with a strange light. An Le had just finished cultivating, and the spiritual energy absorbed from his body vaguely spread out.

Although the fluctuation was not strong, it was still sensed.

"Cultivator?" the constable asked in surprise.

"I had an epiphany. I've just absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and completed my enlightenment." An Le cupped his hands and smiled. "May I know why you sent someone to look for me?"

"I'm the constable of Lin'an Prefecture's Black Office, Huang Xian," the constable said. "Unfortunately, Young Master is a little old. It's difficult to walk the path of cultivation if you complete the enlightenment at this time."

"It's not bad to be able to step into the cultivation world. I'm very content," An Le said.

"Your mentality isn't bad. After stepping onto the path of cultivation, you can at least live comfortably. You have already surpassed most ordinary people." Constable Huang Xian nodded with a smile. Then, Huang Xian took out a folded piece of paper from his lapel and slowly opened it.

There was a black-and-white sketch on the paper. It depicted Fairy Yun Rou, who was wearing a veil. Through the light and darkness, although it was black-and-white, it was lifelike. Her eyes were especially stunning.

"You drew this?" Constable Huang Xian asked.

When An Le saw this sketch, he couldn't help but frown. This was the first sketch he had sold since he entered the capital. At that time, due to the novelty of the drawing technique and Fairy Yun Rou's beautiful name, he had sold it for five taels of silver.

He did not expect that he would attract an official because of the painting.

"I passed the Chongzhou Village Examination and came to Lin'an to participate in the Spring Quarter Examination next month. On the way, I was robbed by bandits and my money was snatched away. Therefore, I could only sell paintings to earn some money and barely survive. I wonder what I did wrong?" An Le explained.

Constable Huang could not help but exclaim when he heard that.

After all, An Le was still young, but he had passed the Chongzhou Village Examination and wanted to participate in the Spring Quarter Examination. Not everyone could go to the Spring Quarter Examination, which meant that An Le had a good merit.

Now that An Le had completed his cultivation enlightenment, he could be considered a cultivator. Coupled with his merit, his status was not ordinary.

Therefore, Constable Huang's attitude changed as well. He hurriedly cupped his fists and bowed. "Young Master An, you've misunderstood. I'm not here to look for you because you've committed a crime."

"I was entrusted by someone to ask you for a painting."

"Ask for a painting?" An Le was stunned. While he was shocked, he quietly absorbed a wisp of Age Qi from Constable Huang.

Constable Huang knew nothing about this.

He looked at the stunned An Le and smiled mysteriously. "The identity of the person who asked me for the painting is indescribably noble."

"Young Master An, follow me and you'll know."