Becoming A Real Bigshot After Abandoned Book

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Becoming A Real Bigshot After Abandoned


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Xia Jin had been Huo Jue's secretary for five years. Not long after she started working, Huo Jue had already taken her to the bed in the CEO's lounge. In those five years, she worked diligently in the day and served him diligently in bed at night. Every morning, she would wake him up like a dutiful secretary. "Mr. Huo, it's six o'clock. It's time to get up." Every time, she would receive the man's cold and impatient reply, "Get lost." Xia Jin had never taken his car to work, nor had she eaten breakfast with him. Initially, she had dreamed of becoming Mrs. Huo, but after five years, she woke up from her dream. One day, rumors were spreading among her colleagues that Huo Jue had an appointment with Sevne's vice president in the Asia-Pacific region for dinner. He was a pervert who had once drugged and violated the secretary of the company's CEO. He was someone who even dared to pester Huo Jue's elder female cousin, but Huo Jue still insisted on letting Xia Jin accompany him to dinner. During the meal, the man openly brought Xia Jin into the private lounge, but Huo Jue did not stop him. He did not even bother looking at her. When Xia Jin escaped from the lounge on her own and ran back to Huo Jue's car, he merely commented, "You're quite capable." Xia Jin smiled calmly. "I have Mr. Huo's many years of training to thank for, but I'm hereby informing you that I want to resign. I don't want to work anymore." After she announced it, she disregarded whatever expression was on the man's face, got out of the car, and walked away with her back straight. After leaving the man, Xia Jin's life started to change. Handsome young men chased after her with all their might, and people started giving her credits that contributed to her career achievements. Her father, who she had never met before, was a billionaire—she was now someone who could have a massive inheritance with just a nod of her head. With her teeth gritted, Xia Jin instantly soared to the peak of her life. At a cocktail party—Huo Nan held his wine glass and glanced at his ex-secretary, whom he had not seen for a long time. "It seems like you still have feelings for me. How else can you explain you chasing me all the way here?" Xia Jin smiled and faceslapped him, "Mr. Huo, I don't think I invited you, right?" Huo Nan replied, "Do you have brain damage from your excessive heartbreak?" The host announced, "Next, let's welcome the new CEO of the company, Miss Xia Jin, on stage! Everyone, give her a round of applause!" Huo Nan, "???"


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