95 Chapter 95: She’s too far gone

"Even if I said you have to become my tamed creature?"

The determination that Jasmine had built up for this moment was completely destroyed by his question. Isabelle couldn't help but to retreat further from the two. The thought of taking a human never entered her mind, but when she realized what could've happened to her when she didn't own up on their deal. Fear overtook, she needed space away from him in order to breathe. 

No matter if it was the grieving Bailey or the worshipping Isshi. Everyone who heard Noah felt a shiver down their spine and their vigilance against him went up even further. 

Jasmine was prepared to go the extra mile and have sex with him, that was the most logical thing that any male would ask for in this situation right? Or even an unimaginable amount of gold since she remembered that's what he asked for last time. 


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