1 What is this Feeling?

As i walked around the gloomy street, thinking about my breakup, my future, would i ever find a future and will i ever find the true answer? These questions built up as I thought. I never felt this much anxiety and things going inside my head, i never been this sad and next thing I knew i was on the floor crying, trying to control it but the tears and the sounds came out my mouth. Feeling hopeless i continued ... Until I felt something on my shoulder.

"Huh" I muttered.

"Are you okay, if you need a place to stay i have room for you."

A man was staring at me, holding his hand out for me, i just stared. I never felt this way, I feel different and a way I never felt. What's happening! His eyes were glimmering even though it was so dark outside, his hairstyle was too perfect for him. But his voice is what gave me passion to stand up.

"Hi my name is Jennie!" I exclaimed

"Hi I"m J-" He said.

Then I saw girls running towards us, and i think i maybe saw like a little 100 girls but-

"Come on we have to go follow me and run." he silently whispered while gently grabbing my hand.

H-He grabbed my hand... I shaked my head knowing better that relationships aren't for me. This was only a one time thing. I'm not going to let if affect me at all.

We were still running while he had his phone out, until i saw a car. He put the phone back in his pocket and said, " Come on, lets go."

I responded by saying, "O-okay."

The whole ride there was exhausting because of how much we ran. I was facing the window but for some reason i felt at the corner of my eye, he was staring at me. I wanted to turn around but what if he was actually staring at me? Our eyes would meet! As I thought I knew better to not look back anyways.

What felt like five hours, we were somewhat finally there. But all I saw was trees. "Are we there yet?" I muttered.

"Yeah just take a look." He said as if his deep voice was hugging me.

As I stared out the window i saw something. Something very huge. Something very unexpected. I saw a big fat house with the most expensive cars ever! A pool, courts, even his own restaurant and helicopter? Now this is what I call a dream and I noticed my anxiety and my sadness went away. What is he doing to me? How can he already make me feel special?

I decided to look back because i didn't see him staring at me at the corner of my eye. Although little did I know that something I didn't want occurred.

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