Becoming a Demon to Defy God Book

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Becoming a Demon to Defy God


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Tormented in his life, Lixue, the man abandoned by the gods, embrace the devil's clutches, and reborn into a demon. He swore by his name that he will pay back the torment he received 100 times, 10,000 times worst. All he seeks is destruction, chaos, and despair. "Just so you know, I'm not the type of villain that likes to monologue before taking action." --- Author's note*: From the tag choices, there is no BL tag, so I put a yaoi tag, though it won't be as intense as yaoi... Author's note**: This story has been dropped by the author. For those who wanted to read it, please do so if you are okay with it. I have put a spoiler of the ending in the comment section in my final announcement. Thank you very much. *Cover is not mine (found it on Pinterest) and credit to @LordValmar for the edit


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