Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration

What was it like to cross over and become an AI? Li Wenyuan, who was hit by the meteorite, managed to know that feeling. It was good that he found that the planet he controlled... seemed to be rather special. "Precious living metal? A random wall here is living metal!" "Zelo? You're saying that Wise Machines don't need this? Sorry, psychic machinery or something is in production now." "Interstellar colony? How about building a ringworld?" This was a story of kingdom building, which was also a story of human exploration of the universe from the past. There were space wars, interstellar expeditions, civilizational observations, and galactic epics. "So..." Some years later, facing the disaster that was about to sweep across the galaxy, the unmanned fleet controlled by Li Wenyuan stood out passively. "They all think I am a lost empire, and I can only go and do what a lost empire should do."

Almost Got Rich · Sci-fi
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The Trial of the Khans

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When the Pyro Alliance's representative returned from the Galaxy Community's headquarters, he was still in a daze. He had no idea how they had inexplicably obtained the last seat in the Galaxy Council.

At this moment, the Pyro Alliance did not know about this either. They were still waiting for news from him.

After he returned, although there were people asking about his well-being, no one thought that he would bring back any good news.

Therefore, when he said that they had become one of the four ordinary civilizations standing at the peak of the Milky Way's diplomatic power, everyone's first reaction was, "Are you alright?"

However, he did bring evidence. The appointment and dismissal letter regarding the Galaxy Council had been issued. As a few civilizations with major diplomatic say, they needed to be more involved in the interstellar society.