28 The Curtain Falls

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This black fleet, which seemed extremely mysterious to everyone, moved again.

The surface of the leading Titan flagship lit up with a hexagonal light array that looked like a honeycomb structure. It was not eye-catching in space, but it gave the survivors in the trading station a glimmer of hope.

Facing the thousands of giant flying ants that were launching suicide attacks, they had no choice but to wait for others to save them.

The light produced by the hexagonal formation became more and more dazzling, but it suddenly extinguished when it reached a peak.

This situation looked as if something had failed to activate, causing everyone who was waiting to be shocked.

However, they soon realized that they were narrow-minded.

However, the bee colony that was attacking them suddenly flew unsteadily, and some even turned around on the spot.

Before they could be happy, they themselves suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed to the ground, unable to stand up at all. This made some of the robots look at them inexplicably, not knowing what had happened.

Fortunately, the dizziness quickly disappeared, and everyone gradually came back to their senses.

They quickly looked out of the porthole and found that the terrifying bee colony was no longer a threat.

In order to complete the queen bee's last will, they had chosen the most extreme evolution direction.

The biological propeller at the tail could produce a huge thrust, but it also consumed a terrifying amount of energy. The giant flying ant itself could not continuously provide this energy.

Therefore, they had chosen a special energy supply plan during their evolution, which was the pile of particles left behind by the bees that had been evaporated by the black fleet.

These particles still contained a large amount of energy, which could meet the propulsion needs of the giant flying ant for a short time.

Therefore, with the help of this external energy and their own organic energy, they reached a very high initial speed from the beginning and continued to move toward the trading station.

However, under the influence of the black fleet, the swarm of bees fell into chaos halfway through, losing the necessary speed for their suicidal attack.

Their extreme evolutionary direction also led to them not having any follow-up measures. All their organs were born for this impact.

They didn't even have any organs on their bodies for normal space travel, and the biological thrusters at their tails had become dispirited after losing the support of the high-energy particles, unable to push the giant flying ants forward.

It could be said that the moment their speed slowed down, the bees were already sentenced to death.

Unable to move freely in space, they had no other choice but to float in place and wait for death.

After a brief silence, the survivors at the trading station burst into earth-shattering cheers.

Everyone was celebrating their rescue. Some of them even started to rub their fists, preparing to attack the small bees that were still besieging the area.

The corpses of these magical creatures had a huge market in interstellar space. If one could hunt a few of them, they could sell them for a good price.

Blenning also smiled. Although he was calm all the time as the person in charge of the place, the synthetic sedative in his artificial organs had almost given him resistance.

Being saved this time made him once again feel that he was lucky, and it also made him yearn for a powerful existence like the Administrator.

"If I can also control such a private fleet... Then it's more than enough to sit at the head of the company, right?"

He quickly suppressed this thought and dialed a number in the trading station.

At this moment, Mao Xiong, who was fighting a small bee beast in close combat, used its palm to block the attack that was aimed at its vital point.

The scythe-shaped bee beast's forelimb pierced through his palm, but his expression did not change at all, as if he was not the one who was injured.

Following that, he punched the bee beast in the face. The clear sound of bones cracking could be heard as his bear paw embedded into the bee beast's face. The outer armor that could withstand ordinary weapons was easily shattered.

He then stirred it forcefully, and in an instant, the struggling bee beast lost all signs of life, its entire forelimb drooping down.

Seeing this, the bear pulled out his paw and wrapped the wound slightly. He took out the communication device that had been ringing non-stop.

"Hello? I'll make it clear first, I'll only try to take you out of here after I get the defense platform's ion cannon to operate again. No one can leave without this thing's protection."

"There's no need for that, the bee colony is no longer a threat. I remember that you're one of the people who came into contact with the Administrator. After we're done here, we'll go and meet them together."

"You didn't even pay me... Wait, you said the bee colony is no longer a threat? Those terrifying biological fleets that number up to ten billion are no longer a threat?"

"Yes, they've been taken care of by the fleet sent by the 'Administrator'. Now we need to discuss how to thank them. This kind of civilization doesn't lack anything, so it's hard for us to give them a gift that they're interested in..."

Mao Xiong silently turned off the communicator and sat down against the corner.

As far as the eye could see, the tunnel was filled with the corpses of the small bees.

Under Blenning's orders, he had no choice but to retreat from the front line and try to save these damn higher-ups.

He had paid a great price for this. For example, his veteran brothers had now left this world forever.

But he had no other way but to reminisce in his heart because he did not protect the trading station well. According to the company's rules and regulations, he had to work for the company for an extra 100 years for free.

This year would not be reset to zero because of his premature death. Instead, it would be passed to his children, and they would repay it.

His veteran brothers were even worse. They didn't even have any pension for their deaths, but their children's life contracts were changed to a limited contract, which was about 200 years.

As long as they worked for 200 years, they could get rid of their status as corporate laborers and become open workers. Although they would still be working for a company, their wages and benefits would be much higher.

However, in reality, most of them only had a lifespan of about 150 years.

This was a megacorp. All the rules were established in the interests of the company.

After resting, Mao Xiong wiped his face and left.


At this time, Li Wenyuan, who was far away in the administration core, looked at the signal from the unmanned fleet and showed a puzzled expression.

The bee colony had its own unique means of communication, and it was usually difficult to know what they were saying.

Li Wenyuan found the queen bee hidden in the swarm of bees through the life force detector on the ship and fired a shot at her.

Speaking of which, Li Wenyuan had to thank a certain stupid alien. Without his contribution, Li Wenyuan wouldn't have been able to find such an effective device to deal with the bee colony.

However, at the last moment before the queen bee disintegrated, her overly strong biological waves were detected by the monitoring equipment of the unmanned fleet.

This kind of chaotic signal was completely incomprehensible at first glance, but the brainwave translator had miraculously analyzed it.

"Scammer? Why did she say this? Could there be some hidden story?" Li Wenyuan couldn't understand. He thought it would be a vicious curse, but the result was very different. He even suspected that the brainwave translator had analyzed it wrong.

"I'll keep this in mind for the time being. The most important thing now is to get what I need from Craybow.

"This time, I have a rough estimate of the strength of my fleet. At least, the defense power of this border enclave is completely incomparable to mine.

"I'm not sure how powerful the bee colony is in the galaxy, but their numbers are really terrifying. Fortunately, I equipped the Titan Battleship with the 'suppression field'. Otherwise, we might not be able to save this trading station this time..."

He felt extremely lucky to have chosen to arm the Titan Battleship with resources instead of building more battleships.

[ Suppression field (biological) ]

[ Technology level: 5]

[ Introduction: This wide-area field can cause bioelectricity imbalance in a large area, causing biological units to lose their combat ability, thus dragging the battle into the artificial intelligence confrontation that we are familiar with. Note that the problem of the field's effect cannot be solved at the moment. Use it with caution in situations where there are a large number of friendly biological units. ]

[ Possible technology: Sub-space trap (4.8%), FTL spaceship suppressor (3.9%), crack generator (3.1%) ]

This was one of the equipments he had equipped the Titan Battleship with. In contrast, there was also a suppression field (electronic), which Li Wenyuan had equipped the Titan Battleship with both.

It was this kind of device that made the bees lose their combat ability. At first, he was not sure if it would work on special creatures like the bee colony, but now it seemed that no matter how special they were, they were still living creatures and were still within the range of the suppression field.

"After the remaining bee colony is dealt with, I can send someone to negotiate with Craybow. Speaking of which, I still don't know what the situation is like in the galaxy around the solar system, is it suitable for me to expand?

"The star map we got from the Pirates was too sloppy. The star map excavated from the ruins was from tens of thousands of years ago. It might not be suitable for the current Milky Way.

"I shall get a detailed star map from Craybow. I think they'll be happy to make a deal with me."

At this time, the black fleet was still near the trading station of Craybow.

Countless news about this mysterious fleet and the civilization behind them were spreading to the rest of the Milky Way through this place.

Some were curious, some were scrutinizing, some were disdainful, and some were indifferent.

And this was just the start of the Milky Way stage play.

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