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The drone sent clearer images to Li Wenyuan.

The mining station in his memory had been transformed into a city. Although the original facilities were generally retained, it could be seen that it was clearly divided into functional districts.

The tower in the center of the mining station was very eye-catching and supported the atmospheric protection shield. A large number of laboratory-like buildings were gathered around the tower.

It seemed that the residents here hadn't given up on scientific research because of the harsh living environment. Li Wenyuan couldn't imagine how they lived here for the time being.

"The control center of the mining station should have been shut down by them. If I want to restart it, I have to enter this city, but... Is there a need for that?"

The other research spaceships he had sent to the solar system had all sent signals that everything was normal. Many engineering vessels had even begun to build star bases.

It wouldn't be long before he built scientific research zones on a few selected planets to improve his research abilities.

Otherwise, it would take too long to develop Level 6 technology, which would take decades to develop. Many of the high-yield facilities he was craving would not be able to be put into practice.

The production-capacity buildings on earth were useful, but they were stable and long-term. It was difficult to meet Li Wenyuan's growing demand in terms of output alone.

Therefore, he had already jotted down two ideas in the most eye-catching part of his notebook.

[ Ideal city plan ]

[ Technology level: 6]

[ Introduction: The planet will no longer be the shackles of civilization. We will merge the world into one city and forge one city into a world. ]

[ Possible technology: Silver heart development project (0%) ]


[ Giant construction project ]

[ Technology level: 6]

[ Introduction: Planetary-sized buildings are no longer just in science fiction. Our existing engineering theories are enough to support our needs to build a Milky Way wonder. ]

[ Possible technology: Galaxy miracle (0%)]

Both of these were ideas that he believed could greatly increase his production capacity, including industrial and scientific research needs.

But for now, he couldn't do any of these because the scientific research zone on earth was no longer available. They needed more computing power.

"Let's take a look at the level of their scientists."

Looking at the city that didn't give up on research even in such a harsh environment, Li Wenyuan thought of a special building he had built on earth.

[ Research facility: Zone R10 Research Center ]

[ Introduction: Such a large comprehensive research center can greatly improve our research capabilities, but the overly complex machines inside need to be operated manually to maximize their use. ]

This kind of building did indeed increase the computing power of the scientific research zone, but Li Wenyuan quickly discovered that its effectiveness was much weaker than that of the Level 4 singular point and the dimensions creation device. He felt that it wasn't worthy of staying on this planet.

It wasn't until he arranged for the fat alien who was good at biology to enter that he realized that the speed of research in the field of biology had indeed increased.

Only then did he realize that if there were real scientists working inside, they should be able to fully exert its effect.

Since then, he had the idea of capturing some aliens to be scientists.

However, this idea was not put into practice because he felt that the behavior of asking for scientists from other civilizations did not quite match his image of a lost civilization.

But this time, after seeing these 'natives' who had taken over his place, his mind started to work again.

After all, they seemed to have been out of orbit, so it was impossible for them to reveal his actions.

Moreover, their survival seemed to be quite difficult. He didn't mind exchanging a little help for the sincere loyalty of a scientist.

"Let's take a look. Maybe there are some amazing scientists among these natives? It won't take much time..."

While Li Wenyuan was thinking, one of the synthetic humanoids under his control sneaked into the floating city on an invisible boarding ship.


In the center of the floating city's square, a crowd was tightly surrounding a high platform, listening to the speech of the person on the platform.

"Today! It's the 600th year since we escaped from those damn invaders! Our ancestors brought us here and entrusted the heavy responsibility of the revival of civilization to us!

"We are united, we work hard, we are tenacious, and we will never give up!

"I know that the seed of revenge has always been buried in our genes. I also know that our lives are difficult now!"

"However, I believe that we are still improving. One day, we will return to this galaxy and declare to the people who destroyed our home: We will never be destroyed!"

A wave of impassioned speech drew a warm round of applause.

Even though not many of them were sincere, at least most of them were staring at the person on the podium with bright eyes, as if they were looking forward to something.

The man, who was dressed in splendid attire, glanced at the crowd, raised his hands, and announced, "I hereby announce the official start of the celebration!"

After hearing this, the crowd burst into cheers, which looked far more exciting than the previous speech.

The grandly-dressed speaker could not help but smile bitterly and sigh as he walked down the podium.

"I've already said that the people nowadays don't like this."

There were voices coming from below the stage. It seemed like someone had come to welcome them. When the speaker saw this, he smiled.

He said happily, "Are the two of you also here to attend the celebration? This is a rare treat!"

"Haha, it's a waste not to take this free day off. It's not bad to look at this sky once in a while.

These two people were the Chief Scientist and engineer who had been discussing important matters in the conference room earlier. At this time, they were also wearing strange clothes. They were not eye-catching at the celebration, but they blended in well with the atmosphere.

The speaker was happy to see the two scientists, but he quickly became worried. "Has the atmospheric protection shield problem been solved? If you need any resources, just tell me and I will do my best to satisfy you."

One of the scientists waved his hand, indicating that he did not need to worry.

"There won't be any problems in the short term. A special resource is needed to fully repair it. We've already sent people to the nearest satellite to collect it. I think it won't take long to solve this hidden danger."

The speaker heaved a sigh of relief after hearing the scientist's words. After chatting and laughing with the two for a while more, he also changed into his strange clothes and blended into the crowd to enjoy the celebration.

The theme of the celebration was to be free and unrestrained. Everyone was dressed in strange clothes, and they used makeup and props to turn themselves into another existence.

Here, some people became well-known stars, some became adventurers, some became strange-looking creatures, and some became travelers from outer space.

Everyone was different, so even if there was an alien-looking guy standing there, it didn't attract anyone's attention.

The synthetic humanoid's eyes flickered, and he quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Li Wenyuan, who was busy planning the star base, also sent out an image to observe the floating city.

[ New creature has been added to the lifeform atlas. ]

[ New civilization has been recorded into the database. ]

[ Information from the research zone: ]

[ By observing the behavior of the species in this floating city, we can provide a certain sample for our sociological theories. ]

"There's such a good thing? Maybe I should consider building an observation station here?"

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