38 Pioneer of Mankind

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The ecological environment of the planet in the picture was similar to that of earth, but there were also many differences.

According to the tests, the atmosphere here contained a catalyst that could accelerate the growth of plants, causing the vegetation here to be unusually lush.

The tall rainforest occupied more than 70% of the land area here, and it was very troublesome to develop it normally.

Looking from space, Li Wenyuan didn't see any visible ruins on the planet's surface, which was quite different from earth.

"Are there really human remains here?"

He couldn't help but think so. He immediately launched a comprehensive investigation of the planet and soon obtained an unexpected result.

"There are signs of a spaceship crash?"

The drone's image was of burning spaceship wreckage. It was still smoking, and it looked like it had just fallen.

However, this matter only attracted a trace of Li Wenyuan's attention. His main focus was still to find the human remains.

Soon, the drones flew toward the rainforest covered by tall plants.

The average height of the plants here was more than 100 meters, and the overgrown branches and leaves completely blocked the view from space.

Li Wenyuan believed that it was very likely that human remains were hidden in rainforests.

While the droids were scanning the rainforest, another group of people was also running away.

"Boss, what's up with these weird guys?"

"I don't know either!"

These two figures were the pirates who had risked everything to come to this planet. At this time, they had long lost the arrogance they had when they first arrived, with only fear and regret on their faces.

One of the pirate leaders was particularly remorseful. He wanted to give himself two tight slaps a few hours ago.

His original idea was very simple. Since the two of them were about to be unable to survive in the galaxy, then they would find an aboriginal planet to abuse their power and let those aboriginals worship them as gods until their lives ended.

However, even though the idea was beautiful, the result was cruel.

There were indeed indigenous people on this planet, but these indigenous people were very dangerous.

The new pirate leader was very arrogant at first, thinking that with interstellar weapons in his hands, he could take down any native.

Then, he was taught a harsh lesson.

Countless monkey-like creatures were chasing after the two of them. The bodies they had formed in the forest were more suitable for moving than the pirates.

Their strong muscles and seemingly inexhaustible strength allowed these creatures to firmly follow behind. If the power armors the pirates wore were not efficient enough, they would have been caught up.

"Boss! Do you still have any more grenades? The distance between those guys and us seems to be gradually closing!"

Hearing the words of the pirate underling, the pirate leader also looked back, but his eyes widened when he found that the distance between them was only about ten meters.

For this reason, the pirate leader had no choice but to grit his teeth and throw the last few grenades behind him.

A huge explosion resounded in the rainforest. These old-fashioned grenades could produce strong light and loud sounds, and the impact was also not ordinary.

Although it had already been eliminated in interstellar space, it was still able to scare most of the native creatures.

Dozens of monkey-like creatures were turned into a mess of flesh and blood in the violent explosion, covering the rainforest vegetation.

However, the rest of the creatures did not fall into chaos. They were like efficient killing machines, not afraid of the death of their companions, and continued to carry out the task of hunting.

What was even more amazing was that the flesh and blood that was scattered everywhere still maintained a certain degree of autonomy.

They began to slowly wriggle and crawl, and as time passed, they gradually gathered together and reassembled into those monkey-like creatures.

The creatures that had been reborn stood there in a daze for a while before their eyes moved again. They quickly continued their pursuit into the depths of the forest.

This was also the reason why the pirates fled in such a sorry state. They realized that all the weapons they had were unable to kill these terrifying creatures.

This kind of tenacious vitality had completely exceeded their knowledge. Even the genetic engineering they were familiar with could not reach this level.

So they could only grit their teeth and flee, praying that they could find a safe shelter before the power armor ran out of energy.

Li Wenyuan didn't notice the strange movement in the rainforest. His drone hadn't scanned the location yet, and he was now attracted by something else.

Because he saw a statue.

It wasn't quite right to call it a statue, but Li Wenyuan couldn't find any other words to describe the scene in front of him.

In the image, countless thick vines clung to a giant tree, twisting and turning, vaguely forming the shape of muscles.

The giant tree was also very strange. Its foundation was made up of two trees.

For some reason, the two trees had joined together during their growth, and in the end, they grew out the remaining parts together.

But from Li Wenyuan's point of view, it seemed to be a human-shaped creature with its legs crossed.

The branches of the giant tree were also very strange. In the middle section, there were two branches and leaves growing out of nowhere.

This was a little different from the growth standard of the vegetation in the rainforest.

In order to carry out photosynthesis, these tall plants would try their best to grow upward and spread their leaves at the highest point, competing with other plants.

Such a situation would cause the sunlight distribution under the canopy to decrease sharply, almost unable to meet the needs of photosynthesis.

As a result, these trees were usually bare under the crown, and would not divide extra nutrients to grow useless leaves and branches.

The branch of the giant tree in this position was obviously a little strange, and in Li Wenyuan's perspective, it might represent arms.

"Why is there such a strange tree?"

Li Wenyuan found it hard to understand. At first, he thought it was just a coincidence or a mutation that made the tree look like this.

But slowly, the more he looked at it, the more he felt that it was a statue, deliberately made to commemorate some humanoid creature.

"Could it be a human? Or some other alien species?"

While he was still thinking, he suddenly noticed an abnormal signal from the life force detector.

The value that originally indicated that everything was calm was rapidly rising, and the windless rainforest was also shaking slightly at this time.

Li Wenyuan immediately became alert. He instantly switched his view to the other drones above the rainforest.

He saw that the vast sea of trees seemed to have awakened from their deep sleep. The tall vegetation that should not be able to move on its own was trembling on its own, as if it were trying to soften its stiff body.

Not only that, but the native creatures living peacefully on the planet also seemed to have been summoned and were heading in a certain direction like a pilgrimage.

It was a rare sight to see a large number of animals running around, and what was happening here was like a landslide and tsunami.

Even from space, Li Wenyuan could see large groups of animals moving in unison with his naked eye.

The entire planet seemed to have come alive at this moment.

It was impossible for him not to pay attention to this shocking scene. According to the guidance of the life force detector, he also controlled a large number of drones to fly in the direction of the animals.

It didn't take long before they arrived at a special place.

The rainforest here was even taller, but it seemed to exist to protect the short tree in the center.

At first glance, it looked unremarkable, and even Li Wenyuan almost ignored it.

However, the data on the life force detector showed that this tree was the source of all the strange happenings.

It was at this moment that he noticed that under the seemingly small tree, there were countless thick roots that penetrated deep into the earth.

It was hard to imagine how far these tendrils had spread, but Li Wenyuan had a faint feeling that perhaps the entire land was under the network of these tendrils.

The unremarkable little tree noticed the drone's arrival and shook slightly.

Then, the research spaceship in space received a special signal wave.

Li Wenyuan's eyes flickered slightly. He had the spaceship translate the signal, and soon, he saw something that made his eyes widen.

"Welcome back, pioneer of mankind."

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