54 Gray Wind

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The mobile energy source on this last planet didn't seem right no matter how he looked at it. Li Wenyuan also raised his vigilance.

"There's still someone alive? Is it the Gray in the incomplete records?"

He had seen the last message in the record, and combined with the previous few words, he could roughly guess what happened to the nanobots.

In the beginning, the gate builders had caused the nanobots to go out of control. After a long remedy, they decided to block themselves and the out-of-control nanobots in this distant star cluster and fight to the death.

As a result, the gate builder failed, and the entire civilization disappeared with the wind, leaving behind only these out-of-control nanobots and the locked stargate left in the galaxy.

However, these out-of-control nanobots gradually developed intelligence after being sealed for a long time.

It could be because they were bored, or it could be because they were curious.


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