25 Arrival

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"Hurry! Quickly inform the headquarters! We've been attacked by a 'bee colony'!"

"Dammit! What about the patrol fleet? Where were they? Hu Sirry up and get rid of these dangerous devourers!"

"My dear adventurers! The 'bee colony' had attacked this place and sealed off the hyperspace channel that led to the outside world! We must stand on the same front and resist this crisis!"

"Craybow promises that after this attack, he will give everyone a generous reward!"


The No. 13 Craybow Trade Enclave at the edge of the Milky Way was currently suffering a disaster.

No one would have thought that even such a remote place would be attacked by a 'bee colony'.

A heavily damaged guard frigate traversed the chaotic battlefield, narrowly avoiding the acid bug spray and using advanced technology to break the mosquito hunters blocking the way. It then docked at the crumbling trade enclave spaceport.

A tall alien flew down from the ship and saw a tragic scene.

Countless pieces of corpses from various races were strewn all over the ground, and pus mixed with a dizzying and disgusting smell floated in the enclosed space.

A small number of flying insects that had left the nest's control were still lingering here, casually gnawing on the ingredients all over the ground.

The alien frowned and used the weapon in its hand to accurately kill the flying insects that were still feasting. Then, it called out through the communicator,

"Hello? Are there any living people in the trade center? I'm Mao Xiong, I need someone to control the defensive ion cannon on the platform, please answer if you copy!"

This man was none other than Mao Xiong, the bear-shaped alien who had tried to extort money from Li Wenyuan.

Now, he exuded a murderous aura and his eyes were cold. He was indifferent to the corpses on the ground, as if he was used to it.

After a series of rustling sounds, the call was picked up.

"This is the trade center. We're currently being surrounded by a swarm of bees and can't spare any manpower. I hope you can quickly bring people to help..."

Not only did he fail to get help, but he was also asked to help. This made Mao Xiong hang up the phone.

He grabbed a handful of fur in frustration and shouted behind him, "All of you, come down! They are ready to kill their way to the defense platform! Otherwise, we'll all die here!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a few more people jumped down from the docked frigate, all of whom were veterans.

Meanwhile, Mao Xiong led the group of people and began to maintain a certain speed as they moved through the trade station that was filled with corpses.

At this moment, in outer space, two groups of people were fighting.

One was the patrol fleet led by Craybow, mixed with the adventurer fleet that had not left in time, and the other was the swarm of devouring bees that had sneaked into the place to carry out the slaughter.

The killer bee colony was a civilization formed by a group of dangerous creatures.

When it came to whether they belonged to a civilization or not, interstellar scientists debated for a long time before finally deciding to classify them as a civilization.

They had most of the characteristics of civilization, including highly differentiated jobs, languages, and words that might exist but could not be understood, planning, and expansion for development...

Everything about them seemed to be very civilized and orderly, except for their penchant for plundering organic matter.

This was also the focus of debate among interstellar scientists.

To put it in simple terms, they liked to reduce all living things into organic molecules, and then use these organic molecules to strengthen themselves.

The process was to devour all the alien lifeforms they encountered.

For most creatures, this was undoubtedly a disaster, but for the bee colony, this was only the most effective way to strengthen their group.

"What the hell is going on with the headquarters? Didn't they claim to have won? Why is there a bee colony here?"

The staff in the central building started to curse, which attracted everyone's attention. Even the person in charge of the place, Blenning, looked at him.

It was because he had said what everyone was thinking.

Not long ago, the killer bee colony had expanded to a forest planet under the jurisdiction of Craybow, plundering all the primitive life forms on it, turning this planet with a bright future into a barren planet full of bare rocks.

Of course, Craybow would not swallow this bitter fruit. It immediately declared a state of war and used a large number of mercenaries to launch a counterattack against the killer bee colony, quickly obtaining victory after victory.

And now, just as the war was coming to an end and everyone was celebrating their victory, the bee colony's revenge came.

They had evolved an outer shell that could shield them from current interstellar probes, and they had quietly reached several trade enclaves in Craybow.

And this place was just one of them.

"Keep your spirits up! Reinforcements from the headquarters are already on their way! As long as we survive this, everyone's contract years will be shortened by 50 years!"

Blenning tried to say some encouraging words, but no one responded to him.

After all, based on the current situation, they might not be able to hold on until then.

Blenning's eyes were also slightly dark. He did not believe in the so-called idealistic civilization at all. At this time, he could not help but pray for a miracle.

At this moment, in the neighboring galaxy only one galaxy away from the trade station, Li Wenyuan looked at the distress signal he had received and frowned.

After a month of hyperspace travel, the research spacecraft and the unmanned frigate he controlled were about to enter the galaxy where the Craybow Trade Station was located.

However, it was also at this moment that he received a call for help from within the galaxy.

"To all the interstellar civilizations who are receiving this message! I'm Blenning, the person in charge of the No. 13 Craybow Trade Enclave. Our coordinates here are XXXX!

"We are currently being attacked by the 'bee colony'. On behalf of Craybow, I would like to send a request for help to all interstellar civilizations that have the ability to provide assistance! Anyone who sends a fleet to support you will receive a generous reward regardless of the final result!"

Craybow's trade enclave was the closest interstellar information acquisition point to the solar system. Li Wenyuan didn't want such a place to be destroyed.

What stopped him from immediately sending reinforcements was his worry about the strength of his own fleet.

"'Bee colony', this name sounds like a type of existence similar to 'insect swarm'... Am I strong enough?"

He remembered a famous saying he had heard in the Star X contest:

"My swarm is endless, and your troops are dying every second. What's there to be surprised about?"

At the thought of the overwhelming swarm of insects, Li Wenyuan felt that he might not be a match for them.

"Forget it, I'll have to experience an interstellar war sooner or later. I can make a specific judgment on the strength of my fleet through this time... If it really doesn't work, I still have the Tiangang Battleship as a backup."

He made up his mind after some thought and ordered the unmanned fleet in the solar system to move.

The heavy steel behemoth seemed to be given life in an instant, and the brand-new engine let out a dull roar.

Streams of light surrounded their huge bodies, and the order of space was shattered and reassembled at this moment.

Some kind of strong fluctuation spread out to the entire Milky Way as they disappeared.

The next moment, hundreds of battleships landed on the No. 13 Craybow Trade Enclave.

The ancient trading station was already on the verge of collapse.

However, all the living beings' eyes were focused on the black fleet of unknown origin.

An ancient sense of oppression gradually covered the entire galaxy.

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