1 Administration Matrix

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Li Wenyuan transmigrated.

In his memory, one minute he was riding a bicycle when he was hit by a meteorite that fell from the sky, allowing him to successfully experience what the "power of mass extinction" was, the next minute, he was in this magical place.

"So it's my turn today to experience the trend of transmigration?"

He didn't panic too much. Rather, he quickly accepted his situation and was even quite excited.

Deeply influenced by online literature, he was not surprised to have transmigrated. After all, who wouldn't want to experience the treatment of being the "chosen one"?

Then, he realized that he didn't have any hands or feet. He didn't even have a body.

He was just a huge program made up of a huge number of "0s" and "1s", responsible for maintaining the system when no one was watching.

In layman's terms, he was an "artificial intelligence".

"Has there been some kind of mistake?" Li Wenyuan looked dumbfoundedly at the data in front of him that was flashing with warning signals, and instantly felt great pressure.

[Warning. The core database's power supply line has been destroyed. Please rebuild it as soon as possible.]

[Warning. Space Station Qingtian is about to fall into the stellar atmosphere. Please restart the anti-gravity system.]

[Warning. Research zone E-C34 has been invaded by an unknown life form. Please deal with it as soon as possible.]


"I'm just an ordinary person! How would I know how to deal with these things?"

Li Wenyuan's scalp went numb at the sight of the overwhelming red warnings. By a conservative estimate, there were more than ten thousand accidents that he had to deal with immediately, and this number was still increasing.

Just as he was feeling troubled by the sudden incident, a sudden "ding" sound made his eyes light up.


"This sound... Could it be the system?" Li Wenyuan was instantly overjoyed. As a transmigrator, how could he not have a cheat?

Then, he heard the follow-up of the sound.

[Warning. The administration core has been invaded by an unknown lifeform. Damage level 15%.]

[Warning. Connection with the surveillance array has been lost. Initiating planet self-destruction program.]

Li Wenyuan was taken aback by the warnings, and his expression changed drastically.

He had just arrived and did not know much, but there was one thing he did know.

In this world, his name was "Wenyuan Administration Matrix".

Even though he didn't have time to think about why the AI had the same name as him, there was no time to think about it.

He didn't think that the "artificial intelligence" on the planet he was on would still be alive after the planet self-destructed. Rather, there was an 80% chance that he would become space trash.

Subconsciously, he shouted in his heart, "Stop the self-destruction!"

[Reestablishing connection with the administration matrix. The planet's self-destruction program has been terminated. Please deal with the current situation as soon as possible.]

It was originally just an instinctive reaction of a human to survive but was surprisingly effective. This made Li Wenyuan realize that he could control the system with his mind.

"Although I can use my mind to issue instructions, my consciousness did not become a superbrain just because I am an AI... It's simply impossible for me to solve all these problems in a short time by myself."

Li Wenyuan quickly thought of a solution. The increasing damage level of the administration core made him feel that danger was imminent.

The administration core was his "body" in the three-dimensional world. It was a huge light ball that was connected to many tubes. If it was broken, then he, as a "sentient program", would most likely suffer with it.

So he looked at the most striking one among the many warnings.

[Warning. The automatic defense system is running low on power. It has stopped working.]

"Show me the current state of energy consumption!" No matter what, he had to deal with his crisis first.

A pie diagram instantly appeared before him, surrounded by a large amount of data analysis. Although he couldn't understand it, it was enough for him to use.

"Cut off all energy supply to the research and industrial zones and supply the energy to the automatic defense system!"

[Automatic defense system activating.]

[Due to the damage to the main power supply line, the energy will be transferred through the backup line.]

[Remaining time to activation: 15 minutes]

"F*ck!" Li Wenyuan cursed. 15 minutes was neither long nor short, but judging from the rate at which the damage to the administration core was increasing, he would be dead by the time 15 minutes passed.

"What other way is there..." He gritted his teeth and thought. Although he didn't have a body, it didn't stop him from feeling like he was doing it.

All of a sudden, his eyes lit up as he saw a group that was still intact despite the series of destroyed data.

It was a group that was in operation, but no one was controlling it.

This group would be his greatest help now.

"Connect me to the Synthetic Humanoid Control Center!"

Just as Li Wenyuan was trying to save himself, the place where his "body" was located was experiencing brutal destruction.

Countless lizard-like aliens were plundering the place, at the same time seizing the fruits of technology that they could not understand.

Even the smallest of them was two and a half meters tall. Their bodies were covered in black scales and looked extremely solid. Ordinary weapons would not be able to leave a scratch on them.

Their eyes flickered with greed, and their forked tongues would excitedly flick out from between their protruding cheeks as if they were carefully feeling the wealth of this land.

They were the "Red-tongue Space Pirates", a notorious small group in interstellar space.

"Boss! The material of this wall... It seems to be the living metal! It's a rare item that sells for 200000 energy coins per kilogram in the interstellar market!" A pirate excitedly touched a snow-white wall, the enthusiasm in his eyes burning even more fiercely than when he was looking at his lover.

"Well, quickly tear it down and take it away! Hasn't your wife always been looking forward to a house in Uptown? You can live for dozens of generations with this, right?" The captain of the small pirate team waved his hand and gave the living metal wall to his fellow crew member in an extremely forthright manner.

Normally, the value of this wall was enough to cause the pirate team to fall apart, but now their harvest was so great that even as the captain, he didn't think much of it.

As he looked around, he pulled the chain in his hand and impatiently said to the being behind him, "Do you not have legs? Do you need me to teach you how to walk?"

As he spoke, a thin figure walked out unwillingly from the shadow of the wall.

It was a completely different species from the lizardmen. She had beast ears and a tail similar to cats, and her pupils were vertical as if she was not used to the strong light here.

If Li Wenyuan had seen her, he would have been shocked, because apart from the extra organs on her, she looked almost the same as a "human".

In the words of his previous life, she was a "female furry".

At this moment, the female furry was chained up by the lizardman pirates and was being led forward.

After the captain checked the integrity of the chain, he didn't pay any more attention to the captive in his hand. Instead, he stared at the glowing ball in the center of the facility, which was entangled by many pipes.

His intuition told him that this thing was the most valuable.

The female furry, whose hands were bound by iron chains, silently followed the captain. Suddenly, her sensitive animal ears twitched as if something had attracted her attention.

A synthetic humanoid in the corner slowly stood up. Its joints, which had not been used for a long time, made the mechanical sound of gears rubbing against each other. Its previously dull artificial eyes were now flashing with a dangerous red light.

The female furry's pupils instantly constricted, and all the hair on her body stood up. The two of them didn't look much different in size, but her intuition told her that this thing was more terrifying than the most powerful sacred beast on her mother planet.

At the same time, the advancing pirate captain tripped over something.

"What is this?" He lowered his head and saw a synthetic humanoid's body.

It seemed to be a robot that the civilization of this lost planet had made by imitating the shape of their own species. Such robots were all over the planet.

Because these synthetic humanoids had not made any movements as if they had not been turned on, the pirates thought nothing of them and focused on plundering wealth.

"Get lost, don't get in my way!" The captain kicked the synthetic humanoid in disgust, but his ankle was caught by the synthetic humanoid.

The synthetic humanoid raised its head, and a creepy smile appeared on its pale face.

The captain instantly had a bad feeling. He aimed his weapon at the synthetic humanoid and was ready to warn his comrades.

But what followed was the sound of bones breaking and his screams.


The pirates who were still searching were shocked and looked toward the source of the sound, only to see their captain being lifted by the ankle by a synthetic humanoid. His three-meter-tall body seemed to be weightless.

One of his men reacted first and pulled the trigger at the synthetic humanoid.

This was a widely circulated standard weapon in interstellar space. It could fire a high-energy laser beam that could cut through a 30-centimeter-thick steel plate in an instant.

Their weapons had always been effective against those from low-leveled civilizations, but now, they were not.

The beam of light only burned the skin of the synthetic humanoid, revealing its metal body underneath.

The sound of rustling accompanied by the screams of the captain echoed throughout the facility. More and more synthetic humanoids emerged from all over the place.

Some stood on high ground and looked down at them, while others looked at them at eye-level. However, all of them had red glints in their eyes.

To the pirates' despair, they realized that they had been surrounded.

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